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  1. No, AD is a monster on the court and worth the stress of will/wont he.
  2. Id rather get him at 1/2 length of Rendon i think.
  3. Wait, are you saying cowboys ownership isnt incompetent? Is that why jason still has a job? And all the good coaches were run off?
  4. Not close to most desirable, maybr if jerry wasnt in charge. If he haf soneone lined up he would have him hired already. He is trying not to get embarrassed when the big dogs say no. Jerry is a literal coach killer. Its high profile the way the knicks/garden are still the emcca of basketball. Sure the knicks are talked about a lot, but no one really wants to go there
  5. Eh favre almost threw 30 a few times and people worship him. Besides, theres nothing better on the market.
  6. He legit looks like he will sell you bad cocaine and then molest your child.
  7. Whats up with bronbrons groin, or is it just that time of year when he gets tired? Edit- EXACTLY THE SAME AS LASY YEAR BAHAHAH Its like a time machine
  8. To be fair, browns are starting a 2nd or 3rd sting qb. Bazinga.
  9. A person who is a champ wins a ship. Both are correct abbreviations. Like Rob or Bob.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised. The fact that anyone added this dude is mind boggling. Shoot, people are still talking abiut odell like he is breakout candidate of the year.
  11. Yeah what an a**, taking his gfs considerations (amd a beyter yeam lets be honest) over what some famtasy fans wanted. Chicago as a city is pretty harsh atm. People turning down $ not to play there has to be a sign.
  12. Fans who going to the games sure as heck are going to pay for it. Hes a legit ace on a team that needed one. Yankees are going to male some deep runs woth this guy leading the way. At least 5 solid years
  13. Gordon hayward at 30 as an example. Chris paul at 38 john freakin wall at 38 and hasnt played in like 2 years Tobia harris/middleton/PAUL MILLSAP over 30 Westbrook gonna look worse than pujols pretty soon. Lots of players got max deals because the dalary cap went up.
  14. Thats kinda the point, to have at least one team not decimated by injures. Its not a way id play all my leagues, but for a fun 1, sure why not. Its like "best ball" in football. Also, with so much information being available to margin of error is way less. If youre playing with random people online, it should also decrease the risl of managers ghosting if their top picks get hurt to start the season.
  15. This is by far the most bipolar thread on roto. 27 min 2/2/4 I could lucksack that myself on the court.