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  1. And almost double to TDs on significantly less receptions, yet the same yards. Can you imagine if Rice caught 125 balls a season?!
  2. The Bengals are a badly run team/organization. FO didn't want to deal with an angry fanbase after that amazing season they just completed. Turns out missing a year of football plus constantly being hurt plus getting old, has a negative affect on production.
  3. How did he win? He lost a year of pay and didn't sign some insane contract that made it up. Would have been better taking the franchise and then leaving. Plus wasted time on the jets.
  4. Owners want first pick, he takes all the flak from NY media, he has compromising pics of owners, he is a smooth talker, and jets owners just want something to believe in. Honestly it's a lost season so why bother firing him?
  5. Unless you're starting him no one is going to reap the benefits of that one big game. And no one should be starting him. And if you have a sucker in your league that will trade for him, congrats you have a weak a** league.
  6. To be fair he deleted EVERYONE that wasn't family. But the whole story isnt as exciting
  7. Finally managed to get M.Thomas, was so excited to have a "safe" first pick....sigh
  8. Because fans love Cinderella stories. Look at March madness when some 12seed wins, people go crazy. Plus if it was only division winners teams would start tanmng as soon as they arent in first. There has already been so much drama about taking, imagine if over half the teams started doing it half way in the season? Shitshow.
  9. We might not be the worst team in baseball, but certainly the most embarassing.
  10. How about a 17 game sample size going back to last year?
  11. That's because he is not good. He wasn't good last year either, but what are browns goign to do? No one wants to go there, so just draft em and watch an fail. It's like their thing.
  12. Because his ceiling seems incredibly low, and wr who depend 100% on speed coming off an injury plagued season seems risky. And looking at his stats the past like, 4 years, seems like taking a rookie wr would be more exciting and have a mich much higher upside. There was probably a reason you were always able to get him, why do you like him?