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  1. Nice.
  2. David Garrard is tied for 4th highest qbr in a season, ever. And chad Pennington has 3rd best completion %. Slow youre roll cowboy.
  3. Schwarber is going to have a career year. Poor bryant going to be like 30 when he hits FA, and they way contracts seem to be going for old players he is goinng to miss out on some major $$. Thatbsaid, i think he also crushes this year
  4. He is A guy, that is true. Hill is crazy overpaid.
  5. With numbers like these projections he is going to be at least as good as trout, maynr pujols level of hitting? What a steal
  6. The counter to that is, when was the last time adams played a full season? I know injuries are hard to predict, but has the dude ever seen 16 games?
  7. Why tho? Id say mixed league 10-12 teams is by far the majority of leagues. 20 team nl only seems like a niche market that doesnt affect me, so i dont think about it. And clesrly neither do most rankinmg sites as default setting.
  8. I dont care at all about the fans. Im trying to watch baseball, not see some disinterested celeb in a prime seat. Its nit like wwe or something where fan interaction is important.
  9. Because, as he admited, he had a stacked draft and wants to win. Fairness be damned. 100% if he was the dude that didnt draft till the 8th or whatever he would be on here complaining the very opposite.
  10. Kilometers per hour i believe. US and some podunk country, like Liberia, only ones who dont. Cause base 10 is too hard for us apparently.
  11. He had 1 good game vs texans. And didn't cost his team any (tho the kc performance was not so hot). Dont really know if win/loss is best way to evaluate a qb for fantasy, but hey, leagues have different scoring settings i guess.
  12. And 51-65 without Brady. Shall be an interesting year.
  13. Rodgers can have all the motivation in the world, but with that team around him, and especially lack of offensive weapons, it wont come to a whole log. Not saying he isnt a big baby, but the team clearly isnt trying to get him what he needs. 0% chance they sniff the playoffs without him
  14. Or it shows defense have 0 fear of Singultary Notice the other rbs you posted are good at their job. Thats why they face stacked boxes.