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  1. First finals ever vs our 3x finals loser. I swapped out CJA for DJ with minutes to go, but ended up losing because I benched Robby Anderson for Keenan Allen.
  2. Post-mortem: played Keenan Allen over Robby Anderson. Directly lost because of that.
  3. I think the risk is there for both of them. Allen was a monster pre-hip pointer but who knows if he’ll make it through the game. Robby A is getting hot but he’s as boom or bust as they come
  4. 10 Team 0.5 PPR QB Mahomes RB Chubb RB D. Cook WR Thomas WR K. Allen (hopefully) TE Brate FLEX DJ or John Kelly K Zuerlein DEF Bears
  5. I doubt it. Even if they lose the next two they still could be in both the WC and North race
  6. Isn’t this a Charley Horse? Happens all the time in hockey.
  7. I’ve been saying this the past few weeks. Explosive - yup. Good pass catcher - yes. Fragile as porcelain - also yes. He was RB12 in 0.5 PPR and will probably end up around RB20. Don’t see how McKinnon would have finished too much higher.
  8. Would I be insane to triple stack him, Brees and MT?
  9. Tyreek went for 117, Sanders went for 102, Theilen 123, Cooks for 159. KA has had a handful of meh games games too though, so it could be as low as 9 points
  10. Anyone else starting this week out of respect?
  11. I own Breida in all 3 leagues I’m in and Im benching him in each one. I’d rather him blow up on my bench and live with Mostart’s ~10 point floor than have the glass man snap after the first play.
  12. Firmly going to be affixed to my bench till he goes a game without injuries
  13. Bro I gotta ask how the hell you got that based off what I posted
  14. I don’t mind carrying two TEs because they’re so brittle. Having a couple above average guys can be a plus when the position is an absolute wasteland.
  15. Just picked him up on the WW today and haven’t watched much of him, but is there a chance that Nagy uses him as a poor mans 2017 Tyreek Hill? Full mixture of End-arounds, screens, deep shots etc mixed in with a couple duds here and there