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  1. homo likee tony ROMO

  2. This thread is the best thing on this site now, damn I am glad it got bumped. Forgot about it. If we can go into the '90s I can come up with so many fatsos it isn't even funny... I still probably have their ballcards in a box somewhere if it didn't get tossed or lost in a move. And half of their body shots looked like the cartoons on the bazooka cards. A friend of my father's was a conditioning coach or something of that for the Rangers, and Chi Sox for awhile... and he was with Charlie Hough for both tenures I guess, who would ride a conditioning bike while smoking a cig and watching TV during his workouts. Didn't he throw the Marlins' first pitch at 500 yrs old? I don't remember if he was fat by then but he made Greg Oden look 2 years old.... Anyone mention Kenny Rogers yet? He was a tubbo near the end.. and most of the time in general. They don't make 'em like they used to....
  3. I was once at the AA Eastern League all-star game. Walter had just gotten a single and was standing on first. We joked "I'd love to see him try to score on a double right now." Sure enough, the next batter laced one down the 3B line. Young looked like he needed an oxygen tank by the time he made it to third base. Not even a chance of him trying to score. Ha. I recall playing in OOTP online dynasty games, and we (the commissioners) intentionally changed his weight each year, bumping it up until he retired a FA eventually. I think by the he was pushing 460.... probably somewhere close to where he is at today I bet. Anyone know if video exists or ever existed of the shot he hit during practice or BP or something like that? ETA was way beyond 500 feet I think... the estimate had it not hit a garage or factory across from the stadium, some such like that, was something nutty like 570 I think.... if I'm remembering right. I know Glenallen had that absurd rooftop homerun and Kingman had one that was even more impressive (IMO), but both of those are on video and easy to find. I'd love to see footage of that HR Walter Young hit, if it's out there....
  4. OK, so you need a SS? That will be a cakewalk for me if certain rules need not apply (ie can it be someone who formerly played the position, for example-yet is still active, and playing a new position full-time but a fatty... so long as he logged a lot of innings at SS while he was fat at least? Because I've got one I think and it was just because his name went across my TV) .... with 5 minutes of thought let alone even more, I could probably- as pathetic, and depressing as it is- come up with 4 or 5 all-fatty teams. It's easy to find or just think up fat dudes in MLB... an all-short team (height req. of 5'10" or less for batters; 5'11-6'0" on the sites that lie about pitchers height for their sake would be my suggested cutoffs although it's not like there aren't small pitchers succeeding ie Yordano and in a big way har har a pun) would be fun to try to come up with actually, thinking about it...and honestly, maybe more difficult because most of the small guys who can make it do so because they're really good, so for every fat dude list with El Guapo at CL and other bums & such, it might be harder to find smaller guys for every position.... I'd love to see a list of 5'8"-5'10" and under for batters and 5'11" at the most for pitchers. That would be fun to come up with.
  5. Are we still looking for a 2B- among other positions here?! I know I'll be able to come up with SOMEONE/thing if I just give it some thought. Or maybe this is an old thread that just happens to appear at the top feed when I'm viewing the main page and someone thought of one already..... anyway, I already thought of my choice for the all-fat team @ 2B: Ronnie Belliard, with his backup being Lenny Harris- and hell...he can be everyone's backup.
  6. I caught that too lol ^ edit: in fairness, I still have been referring to anything that happened over those two games, only to happen from April 30-onward as "the first __ of the year!" ....but still, for official purposes, that error was just so blatant. And x3. : -] ...
  7. And yes! It was KC. It was around the time period of which Damon was in KC briefly, or right before or after I believe?.. For Offerman. Was J. Damon a 1-year player for OAK or KC?... Can't recall, but other than speed he didn't do much.
  8. Not with Boston. He had 45 SBs in his final season with KC and only had more than 18 in three other seasons (30, 24, 23). He also set a career high BA that season ('98) at .315. The year before he was 9-for-19 in SBs in 106 games. Greer actually had four nice seasons in a row...a couple w/20+ HR, three w/100+ RBI, .300+ BAs each season, great K/BB ratios. Injuries ended all that. Y Not with Boston. He had 45 SBs in his final season with KC and only had more than 18 in three other seasons (30, 24, 23). He also set a career high BA that season ('98) at .315. The year before he was 9-for-19 in SBs in 106 games. Greer actually had four nice seasons in a row...a couple w/20+ HR, three w/100+ RBI, .300+ BAs each season, great K/BB ratios. Injuries ended all that. Yeah, I knew Greer had a really nice start to his career and it wasn't as much a fluke. BUT, since he did play kind of right in the heart of the roid era (AND TEXAS!..), I figured I'd drop his name. I mean, how often does someone mention his one year where he hit .320 w/ a 400 obp? If he played today, he would be getting 50mil more than Shin Soo Choo.... if I remember, it was his effort and hustle in the field that accelerated his career trajectory downwards due to injury. Still was a career .300/.390 (about) guy.... shame he never could stay healthy beyond those first few real good seasons.. I have some other names to list for sure, and I'm going to try to avoid the roid era- or most names post-lockout through about '03.
  9. I remember in Rick Wilkins' fluke year being at a game.. I think it was that year anyway... he hit one off the wall, and stared for so long thinking it was gone (but the wind held it) he got gunned out at 1st...
  10. Nice list here Thank you to the mod for merging my post w/ this (and reviving it). Some fun names to read in here. I'll compile a list of more than Rich Louselle in a bit, but until then, Reggie Jefferson in 1996- 386AB, 302B, 19HR, 74RBI, .347AVG, a .593SLG%, & .982OPS in 122 games.. I believe he may have been more or less in a strict platoon that season, but the stats he put up were career year-worthy I'd say. He did finish w/ a .300 AVG and lands in that 'roid era a bit I guess, but he was never too much of a power hitter. I do seem to remember him leaving or abandoning the team or something and just quitting, walking off one day if he is who I'm thinking of (who also did this). I also recall Jose Offerman having an all-star caliber season w/ the Red Sox at some point, and it being flash-in-the-pan worthy.... Rusty Greer had a flash in the pan career that injuries... or something w/ injuries derailed and ruined fast. I can think of so many more later probably..
  11. I have a massive card collection... most are Baseball cards although I think I have a decent amount of NBA cards, as well as a big bin of mixed/misc. but mostly just of NBA cards somewhere from '93 or something...whatever year Harold Miner was a rookie. (For real!) Lots of doubles because somehow I wound up with quadruple packs of certain kinds and stuff. My MLB cards span a few decades and are fun to look through still, though! While looking through the baseball cards, just some of the names from the early part of the '90s, or mid-late '90s were trips down memory lane. So it made me wonder.... looking at some of these cards and the career years some of these guys had- players who I only remember thanks to finding and seeing their card/stats- how many of us remember using any of these players? I'm already posting this while assuming a lot of the members here probably go back to the AOL days or even keeping track on paper for their in-person leagues.... (I only played in one or two free entry leagues that far back it feels like... I really got into fantasy about 5 or 6 years ago when I started taking it more seriously-- I was hooked and enjoyed it a lot and have ever since.) (Mods- I hope this is an OK place to post a thread like this? Couldn't think of a better place honestly, and it's all in fun and kind of just to get a feel for how long some of us have all been playing too! And I'm curious to hear some of the players some people can remember or come up with... But please move this to the appropriate spot, or do anything if need be- thank you!) So I'll get this going.... did anyone play in Rick Louselle's rookie year ('97 I think?), or remember when Loiselle, a former PIT Pirates RP (I think the Brewers or Astros drafted him... inclined to say Astros) who kinda came out of nowhere to finish in the top-5 in ROTY voting that season I think and came up with 29 saves- at the time, only 2nd in a season overall for any rookie ever (at that point), to Tim Worrell's record 30-something... Which has since been shattered. And I think Matt Capps may have broken Louselle's record too, but digressing! Or.... more recent times for sure, I think 2006.... because it feels like he didn't pass too shortly thereafter...did anyone own Rod Beck during his little run with the Padres in his TWILIGHT? Anyone stream Aaron Small in his 10-0 run with the Yankees? etc. etc. There's my starters.... I figure this could be for fun, to reflect on random scrubs (at least at the point in their career or opposed to what was expected of them) we have used over the years who have helped us least gives those of us who don't want to get knee deep in the draft drama something to do in the off-season when not completely cramming for our drafts. Like I posted in bold- if this is the wrong place or off-topic for this forum, @ the Moderators... please just move it to its appropriate place or do as fit....thank you. If it's cool to stay, I am curious to hear what some of you guys have got.... The only real element I would want to read about is the obscure or random cases of fantasy value, like Scott Kazmir last year kind of in a way... only, similar situations from a good while ago. And try to limit the choices if they're known and CHRONIC PED users? That's all I'm lookin' for! Hope this is fun for some of us who are tired of reading mocks and just want the year to begin before someone really important gets hurt!! Just a "for fun" post.... cheers
  12. Peter Laugher & Lester Bangs - "Knockin' On Heaven's Door (cover from the 'famous CREEM sessions')