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  1. Took a little over a week, but here we are. I’m not banging the table for this guy but definitely some post-hype appeal and SB upside.
  2. With Jay traded to ARZ and Merrifield starting in CF last night for no other notable reason, I’m expecting Mondesi to get the call very soon. Hitting only .267 with 6 SB at AAA but that’s in 21 games after starting the year on the DL. I wouldnt expect him to save my fantasy team but he’s had a taste of the majors before and I tend to like those prospects a lot more than guys who are coming up for the first time. If he’s able to provide SB value he could be a valuable trade chip at the very least. In deep/keeper leagues where you might have something to cut I’d recommend getting out in front and making an add. I’d prefer him over Bauers, for some context.
  3. Hes been playing banged up first few months of the season. People don’t realize because he hasn’t missed time, but he said early on how he had multiple nagging injuries. Hopefully the power shows up as he gets healthier, but I’m not complaining about what I’ve gotten from him. He’s done more than enough to create a profit for me.