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  1. RB - start two: Don't overthink it. McCaffrey @ Indy Saquon @ Wash WR - start two: Anthony Miller vs KC Perriman vs HOU Flex - start 1 RB or WR: Sanders - Howard is out and he'll get run K - start 1: McManus --> detroit defence is terrible, I can see a good mix of FGs/PATs. https://forums.rotoworld.com/profile/178146-fbgm/
  2. In a somewhat similar situation (I have Boone AJ Brown). I think AJ Brown has WR1 potential - even against this NO defence. I think they'll be more focused on stopping the run, stacking the box, etc. The corners have shown the ability to get beaten this year and are a weaker group than the front four. I think that Tannehill will trust in Brown as a weapon when Henry struggles and the game script could potentially favour Brown as well. For flex - I'd wait for the final news on if Mattison practices and use Boone if Mattison doesn't. If not then would slot in Miles Sanders at 4pm. Mine:
  3. Not as worried about Edelman - with the division title (and bye) on the line, Edelman will tough this one out. Cook is for sure out - Mattison is a maybe. Would wait to see if Mattison practices on Sat. If he does, I'd flex Boone in, if not would agree with the above. Perriman for ceiling, Washington for floor. Help with mine?
  4. Boone is both Cook/Mattison are out, if not - I'd be between Sanders and AJ Brown. Don't love the Lattimore matchup for Brown but don't love the game script for Philly (think Wentz will have to air it out.) Depends on if you think Philly will keep it close enough to run it, if not would go Brown. Help with mine?
  5. I'd go Brown and Perriman if you need the upside but Sutton if you need a higher floor. Help w/ mine?
  6. Not sure what to do with my RB2/Flex spots now that Cook is out. I'm projected to win by 15 (Non-PPR) but have had to pick up some new guys due to injuries and am worried about over tinkering. RB - Start One (RB1 is CMC) My plan is to play Boone if Mattison sits and to play Washington if Boone/Mattison are going to split touches but let me know if you think differently Mattison vs GB Boone vs GB DeAndre Washington vs LAC Flex - (WRs are DeAndre Hopkins and DeVante Parker) I'm leaning towards AJ Brown or Breshad Perriman. My opponent has Jameis so thinking that Breshad will help hedge against Jameis' upside. AJ Brown vs. NO Breshad Perriman vs. HOU Terry McLaurin vs NYG DJ Moore vs Indy Courtland Sutton vs. Det
  7. Thanks for the help on mine. QB: Jameis (not as worried about the weather but would consider alternatively if its above 20MPH) WR: Hopkins/Adams RB: Jones/Mack TE: Hollister Flex: Sanders D/ST: Denver Wire: If Mattison plays over Cook, I'd consider him.
  8. Thanks all. Will plug in Parker and Brown. Would any of you go Perriman over Brown? I just picked him up and the opposing team has Jameis Winston so my logic is that either Jameis goes off and I reap some of the benefits with Perriman or Jameis has a stinker. Thoughts?
  9. Am I crazy for going Winston over Mahomes? He's 900 yards away from breaking the single season record and is playing for a new contract so I think he's going to be slinging it all afternoon. WR: Julio, Adams, Lockett if you're swinging for the fence, AJ Brown if you're the favourite. Defense: Denver
  10. In the finals of my playoffs and projected to win but interested in hearing everyone's takes I'm starting: QB: Watson RB: McCaffrey/Cook (if Cook doesn't play I have Mattison and am picking up Boone as well) WR: Moore/Hopkins TE: Kittle FLEX: Courtland Sutton K: Gould 😧 PIT Would you guys start any of the below over my current roster? Terry McLaurin, DeVante Parker, AJ Brown Quote
  11. Thanks for the help - as per everyone else, I'd go with Jameis. Surprised the spread of that game is just at -3.5 for TB as I see that game being a blow out and also think that Jameis slings it no matter what. He's #2 in the league in passing yards and I think he'll want to win to make up for the mediocre actual results of the team.
  12. Agree with this but would flex AJ brown over slayton personally.
  13. In the semi-finals of my playoffs and projected to win but I'm going against the worst team in play-offs (5-8) who squeezed in and then lucked into a victory last week. He also had Ingram throw up a 20-piece on me. I'm starting: QB: Watson RB: McCaffrey/Cook WR: Moore/Hopkins TE: Kittle FLEX: Courtland Sutton K: Gould D: PIT Would you guys start any of the below over my current roster? Terry McLaurin, DeVante Parker, AJ Brown
  14. Thanks for the help Agreed go for it but I think you'll have issues with making that trade. I have Sutton/McLaurin/Kirks higher than Cooks. I think Sutton probably has the highest name value right now given he's No 1 in Denver but would try flipping McLaurin as well?
  15. I think Darius Slayton has potential for play value even starting this year so would prioritize him and then one of the 3 handcuffs you mentioned. Not in a keeper league so unfortunately can't offer much more help there. Thanks for your help.