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  1. Hope you get well soon man. Have you tried Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal Vitamin D3? If not, I strongly suggest you get on that regimen right away. Don’t listen to these Pharm co and get on a high dosage of Vit C and D3.
  2. Can’t wait to watch guys shooting alone in their home gyms!!
  3. Contributing to save someone’s life and taking away resources FROM saving someone else’s life are two different things.
  4. “And I must perform the surgery to get paid.”
  5. Forgive me if this has already been posted and discussed, but why aren’t we giving more attention to this doctor who’s had a 100% recovery rate? Granted it’s “only” 600+ patients, but still, his logic and reasoning behind his “cocktail” makes all the sense in the world! Hydrochloroquine, azithromycin (Z-Pak) and zinc sulfate. Now I’m reading states are denying hydrochloroquine UNLESS it’s in the ER/ICU. But as this doctor states, by then it’s usually too late to administer. Govt officials, Pharm co, it’s a shame people have to die over the $$. For those interested (there’s also his 45min interview which I recommend watching):
  6. Couple theories with Germany are an abundance of testing early on AND the fact that Germany has more nurses per capita than most other OECD countries (as well as doctors). More nurses=extra care/observation.
  7. I’m so not in tune with these new/convenient ways of doing things. I guess call me old fashioned, lol. How does this work, with say Walmart? I’m assuming it’s the same concept as curbside pickup at the grocery store? You order online and then pickup yourself at the Walmart pickup center? You still have to see/be in contact with someone at time of pickup, no? And then there’s the issue of having the bags/items exposed too? Interested to hear how this whole thing works.
  8. I guess that’s why you’re in construction.
  9. Well, a positive outlook for a change. This Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist was ON THE MONEY with his projections for China back on Feb 1st. And his outlook for us is very positive as well. Judging from his projections, I’d put him on par with Steamer when it comes to accuracy:
  10. 20,000mg of Vit-C daily for 3 days minus the steroids.
  11. So are we all gonna die or am I gonna get to put the months of research I did on full display?
  12. You’re absolutely right. I think we should listen to this group from Saturday night instead: