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  1. Farqhuar, while pitching for the White Sox did.
  2. It’s something you get outta a hot bath and rhymes with creamer.....
  3. I can’t tell you because then, well, you know.
  4. Unless they were doing it in the minors as well, I wouldn’t worry about it.
  5. Ban Cora and Hinch for life. Both overrated and suck anyway.
  6. Nah, more like 16-24 inches of snow. Zips has him for .287/.370/.564 85/35/107. Baseball reference isn’t really in the forecasting business.
  7. Yeah but Martinez is a righty. Something they needed to be part of their 7 platoons.
  8. No, Martinez was acquired to be the righty part of their many platoons at 1B/DH/OF. Because that’s how the Rays do things. Put a fork in Lowe. At best, he’ll be a bench bat and the short end of their many platoons.
  9. The only way O’Brien could win a big game is by playing against a coach that doesn’t know how to put the pedal to the metal and put a team away. Lucky for him he coached against McDermott. It’s too bad.
  10. Somebody better tell Tannehill and the Titans that it doesn’t matter who’s on AJ, you need to get your best playmaker his looks. Same thing happened against the Saints. Didn’t even get a target until the last drive, ended with 1 catch for 34 yards. Get him his 8+ targets!
  11. But you’ll take him at 25.....
  12. In what kind of leagues does a Mixon fall to #30-40? Even though I never buy into it (until this year with OBJ but NEVER again), for arguments sake let’s just say there’s 5-6 “Safe elite” WR’s, who in the world is filling the other 24-34 slots before Mixon comes up? I don’t know, I just think this is absurd.
  13. And yet the counting stats they project for a rookie are awfully tasty. And that was in 117 games.
  14. I can come up with 50 million reasons why he will be starting regardless of what he does in ST.
  15. Luis Robert extended to a long term deal. Draft with confidence.