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  1. Implement the 2 wins per week format. One win for H2H vs your opponent and one win for top half scorer. Go back and tally what everyone’s records would be because if you have the most points scored, you’d probably be sitting somewhere in the top half of standings. Wonderful way to help eliminate some of the luck factor.
  2. Lol. Wasn’t directed at u. Coach speak is funny. Now I just wish he’d let the kid handle the rock.
  3. A month? Yeah right, CMC is about to miss his 6th game and Wilson needed to be carted off. I think you can put a fork in Wilson. Week 15 is probably the soonest we’ll see him back.
  4. If I had a dollar for every time I read a quote like this from him on Hasty in the last 2 weeks, I’d be able to retire. Wouldn’t be surprised if he activates someone we’ve never heard of next week and gives him 20 touches.
  5. Adams still got 10 targets against Tampa. Plus it was his first game back. Not to mention they pretty much gave up in the 4th quarter. The point is Ruggs getting 3 targets two games in a row isn’t gonna cut it. Ultimate boom/bust. Not denying the talent, but unfortunately his QB sucks and Gruden refuses to force him his looks. Might change, we’ll see.
  6. Back to back games of 3 targets. Goofs getting all excited over one big play.
  7. Maybe Shanahan was hoping to “hide” Tasty in anticipation of next weeks game against SEA........Nah.
  8. If Coleman isn’t back next week, Shanny will find someone else to take over for Wilson.
  9. Pretty sure that means he’s getting somewhere.
  10. Except that Ertz probably HELPS Goedert’s value, as he helps take away attention from him. See week 1. Ertz is done, he’s a decoy at this point. Either way, Goedert will be a beast when he finally makes it back.
  11. That was my point. All they understand are the “rules.” But that doesn’t mean they understand the injury.
  12. I think it’s the opposite. They DO know how IR works and hence why reporting he could be back (3 weeks). Problem is, I seriously doubt he’s ready. Especially on a short week.
  13. I told u guys advanced metrics don’t lie.