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  1. Thanks for the AJ Cole tout. I'll be rolling him as well. I picked up Ramirez also.
  2. I hate it as well. Not much you can do about it. I snagged a couple pitchers for tomorrow. I'll be at 25/24. Don't want to but I know he's not going to swap his guys out. I would hate to get beat this way. Tides will turn when fantasy hockey starts. As I am the LM for our league! Hehehe!
  3. I usually let it go and get pretty lucky about it. He snagged a couple guys to stream for this reason tomorrow. Sneaky LM!
  4. So this weekend is going to determine who wins the championship for our league. I am playing the league manager yet again! I always nag on him because he likes to take advantage of the amount of pitchers he can start. This was a two week final, using a total of 24 pitchers to start. He will be sitting at 23 tomorrow with three pitchers to start that day. Leaving him with 26/24. I understand this is an ESPN glitch but to me that seems messed up! Especially since I have a slight lead on him and I will be at 23 for tomorrow as well with no one to start. What the hell do I do!? Am I just crying to much about it? Do I drop my whole squad and try to out duel him? I've expressed this to him over the years this league has been going but yet he still does it. Thanks for the input!