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  1. Both are there. Who do you take long term?
  2. Baseball Mogul, Diamond Mind Baseball, Action! PC Baseball. The last 2 are more similar to SOM. OOTP is in a class by itself honestly. Especially since they have an MLB and MiLB license. There's so much detail. Some people like Baseball Mogul because it's easier to just go in and play.
  3. It's an AL-Only 12 teamer. Pitching goes crazy fast. Basically deciding between Verlander and Bieber. Verlander was my guy until these injury things cropped up. So has me worried. Snell was prolly out because of the elbow thing, Giolito because he only had one year of production, Morton because health has always been an issue besides last year. So was just thinking of in a shortened season who between Bieber and Verlander would score more. Or if one of the other guys had more upside for that
  4. If so, I'd love to get in.
  5. Strike that. Leave Adames out. It's between just Robles and Puk
  6. Really struggling with my last keeper. What say you?