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  1. thanks for mine. i go bell tonight. then for the WR and flex im not sure. i go washington at flex if jacobs is out. WR2 i have no idea... but i doubt i'd go TY because i dont think he is going to be near 100% if he plays
  2. i go slayton, and probably singleterry despite tough matchup as for TE... would need to know more about anticipated njoku usage for this week... arizona has been hostorically bad covering te's... if njoku slated for near full time snaps i would go him... if he's still not 100% then go ian thomas see mine please
  3. i think you take the 12-15 pt floor leveon offers tonight and just hope for a TD... see mine please
  4. jacobs if he goes.... washington available? would not want to start mixon despite his recent improved play and pats d not being as elite lately
  5. 0.5ppr, need to start a TE. can go with andrews or higbee.... other WW options are engram (doubt he plays), hollister, OJ Howard.... I have lamar if that matters at all in this decision....? have concerns about andrews health considering when healthy he only plays 50% of snaps... may be limited even further if active? bonus question.... start DJ moore over Tyreek (tyreek playing chris harris and denver this week) WHIR!!!
  6. Must win game... was up 20... Had Aaron Jones and gurley... Opp had Ingram and Tucker. It's now tied and Rams are just going to have gurley block the rest of the game. Fml
  7. Me too, about to choke away a 24 point lead I had.
  8. most hammy injuries, even minor strains are 2-3 week injuries.... so its never too early to panic... even moreso since the injury impacts his speed... which is what makes him dangerous
  9. i guess we'll see how the first injury report looks... DNP will pretty much assure he wont play... LP will give me hope... FP and i'll be ecstatic
  10. if he's not given an injury designation i will strongly consider him this week over similar players (cooks, gallup, marvin jones). would need to feel confident he's going to play a full compliment of snaps in what should be a high scoring affair (second highest o/u on the board this week at 48.5)
  11. that's too bad. i like fuller a lot, but just wont be starting him in his first game back against a D that doesnt seem to give up big plays. i sincerely hope he does perform well though
  12. DND at ADP any RB over age 27, and any WR over age 28 (general rule of thumb that has served me well in recent years)
  13. would like to see any minor strain comps to see what return to play date makes sense. theilen i believe tried to come back after 1 missed week only to re-injure. i'd be very surprised if he was ready for week 13
  14. when you only get 3-5 targets a week.... ?
  15. Adam theilen says it's still not enough time to fully recover
  16. So who's starting him week 12? at NE, on paper it screams bench.... [...] I seem to recall NE is not doing the double team the best WR routine this year... as if that were to happen to cooper it would give me more hope gallups outlook
  17. id probably stand pat with waller... he'll bounce back soon
  18. sheesh... tough one. i guess marvin jones... would need to see if chris harris is expected to shadow diggs or not... see mine please
  19. if he's desperate to win, waller for kittle straight up should be enough... would be cautious about kittle, it may be a couple weeks before he;s back see mine please
  20. seems like it's fair game.... if trade is obviously unbalanced perhaps step in and kill it... but it would need to be something like mahomes for goff for me as a commish to step in aand squash a trade.... otherwise move your trade deadline up or create trade rules for next year
  21. no to the bears players.... if you need upside go chubb... if you want a very nice 12-15 point floor go james white see mine please
  22. gurley is fine, he just isnt getting used as much this year. you basically are getting a bit more consistent RB2 out of the deal. mixon's game last week was an abberration as gio got hurt and mixon had 33 touches because there was no one else... i dont think that repeats... i'd accept the deal see mine please
  23. i'd need to be comfortable that fuller is going to play at full speed and not be a part time player.... if you get reporting later this week that suggests he is 100% full go, then go fuller see mine please
  24. hell, if you can trade FAAB dollars, i would trade players to obtain FAAB money if it is possible to acquire enough FAAB money so you have the most and therefore can get adams (i recall the year leveon got hurt in my league there were frenzied FAAB trades as everyone was trying to bankroll the most money to bid on deangelo williams) earlier this year in my other league this guy meant to drop J Jackson but dropped L Jackson by mistake.... I bid 80% of my FAAB budget and got L Jackson... it's been great
  25. it's a stupid move.... a desperate owner in my league moved aaron jones for a haul only because he needed to win this week better than dropping him... guy could have gotten a haul from a team who is locked in to playoffs