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  1. Thanks for mine, don't get cute, bench Gabriel
  2. Alshon for sure... Actually Adams v Decker is more interesting debate.. I might actually go Adams there See mine please.
  3. Hogan for me, expecting a high scoring affair... For sure not ty Montgomery See mine please.
  4. Landry, way not consistent production especially with Parker out See mine please.
  5. I would not make any moves, Parker and Shepard will provide adequate wr production to pair with the stud RBs See mine please.
  6. Just a total gut feel here, but I'd go Pryor, worse defense... And he's due... Safer play is probably ty though... See mine
  7. I'd roll dice on fowler, should be plenty of targets See mine
  8. Redraft, 0.5ppr, QB, 2rb, 2wr, 1wr/te, 1 te 4-2 record Cousins Thompson, Hyde, Henry, David Johnson, Dallas backups Tate, desean, Cobb, Doctson Gronk, kelce Should I trade Henry for d Parker? Henry isn't really startable as long as Murray is healthy... But his stud potential should Murray go down is tantalizing. Parker is probably 2 weeks away from returning... I don't think he has wr1 potential this year, but should be a solid wr2/3 to boost my bad and hurt wr group... Should I accept the trade?
  9. that is BS... everyone in the country knows what happened to aaron rodgers... he's lying and has buyers remorse
  10. thanks for mine... i dont see how this trade helps you... you get one injured player who is in a timeshare, and two players both in the running for bust of the year consideration... i'd offer up DJ to some of the teams at the top of the standings who have GOOD depth pieces they can spare to take a chance on DJ
  11. thanks for mine... i was going to say stay put, but you know what, A Brown puts your team over the top. you can still flex jeffrey... i'd accept trade 1. roster whoever the heck is gurley's backup though
  12. nice roster. who cares about week 9 byes? your team is clearly head towards the playoffs. you should be positioning your roster to give it the best chance to suceed in weeks 14-16. an idea for how to improve your team: Use your RB depth to acquire even better starters via 2 for 1 trades to RB needy teams.. you can do two RB's for one better RB, a RB and QB for a better QB, or a RB and WR for a better WR... see mine please
  13. in 2 qb, isnt luck in 2018 a fairly attractive trade piece? especially if another owner can stash on IR? i would not drop him. see mine please
  14. freeman had 44 snaps coleman 22... situation has not changed... NE defense is atrocious... this is a hands down no brainer freeman see mine please
  15. thanks for mine! that is a TERRIBLE deal for you, keep dalton and pick up another QB off wire and pick the one with the best matchup each week. OR you have decent RB depth, i would find a team with two good QB's but weak RB's and work a deal out with that owner for one of your lesser RB's for his 2nd QB]
  16. i would say mack has the easier path to fantasy relevance... see mine please
  17. very fair deal... but only based on current player "pricing" ... if Julio picks up his output it will swing the deal strongly to his side... just looking at the first 6 weeks, it's a fair deal see mine please
  18. i actually would hold on to watkins for now... lewis is trending upwards but probably doesnt crack your lineup most weeks... see mine please
  19. probably smith, but it's really a toss up for me. Smith is going up against the worse NFL team so that's why i am picking him. EAgles D has shown ability to shut teams down... raiders have not. hopefully you cant go wrong with either QB... good problem to have... unlike mine... apprecaite any advice you have on mine
  20. Just need a QB for this week so don't care about long term. I'm favored this week in my matchup but i still want to start the best QB I can. std scoring, 4pt td passes Pick 1 DeShone Kizer home v. Ten Blake Bortles @Ind Brett Hundley home v. NO Trevor Siemian @LAC Phillip Rivers home v. Den Case Keenum home v. Bal Jay Cutler home v. NYJ C.J. Beathard home v. Dal Jacoby Brissett home v. Jax thanks and WHIR!!!
  21. i hope this is a 14 teamer (or more) otherwise im not sure your team has a realistic shot at winning this year
  22. seems fine to me.... zeke for a rb2, wr2/3 and a low end qb1. if zeke owner said no i understand why.
  23. of that list, falcons then rams.... are redskins available? if so they are my first choice