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  1. i'd go ryan, Carr perhaps the safest option but lowest ceiling... see mine please
  2. um... all of it?!?!? you had to ask? if you use all can you bid zero on players or do you need money to make transcations?
  3. seems unlikely they'd accept the steeler d trade, but i would offer that and see see mine please
  4. i'd go deebo based on your assumptions of sanders/kittle out.... then I would need to be very comfortable that fuller is actually a full go to start him. otherwise just hope F1 scores. dont like mike will but im biased as he's on my roster all year doing nothing see mine please
  5. those are all about equal. if monty out that makes choice easy, but i think he plays i guess i'd go jared cook and just hope for a TD see mine please
  6. im going to go with matt ryan here... oakland can run all day on cinci and may not need to pass. see mine please
  7. agree here, well said see mine please
  8. well said. agree 100% see mine please
  9. if singleterry is your RB4... then i really like this trade for you. having hollister helps deal with henry's bye... i would accept see mine please
  10. id lean hollister too, a lot of targets and he looked decent. cook is pretty meh in NO this year, go with the upside in hollister... see mine please
  11. thanks for mine, ekeler, rojo, then it would depend on 49er injury report... may go mostert... monty will get 20 touches but i could see bears getting mauled by RAMS d
  12. as long as you can live with theilen being out until week 13 then i would do it. could be a league winner see mine please
  13. monty for sure if active, then juju... no to howard because of matchup this week see mine please
  14. 0.5ppr redraft... start qb, 2rb, 2wr, flex, te watson kamara, d williams, gurley, hunt, ap tyreek, marvin jones, gallup, fuller, mike will waller trade watson, hunt, fuller for jameis, aaron jones, alshon? aaron jones on bye this week.
  15. this guy is going to end up with 1000 yards this season and be WR48 in fantasy... what a joke
  16. trade is fair, but like the other guy says why not move one of the TE's for a quality WR?
  17. if MRI was clean there'd be no need to miss practice and meet with a doctor in person. i wonder if he has something similar to what Gallup had earlier this season... and perhaps they are meeting to talk about whether to trim (the 2-4 week procedure) or do something else (maybe nothing?).... note im not a doctor i just play one on forums
  18. thanks for mine... not a dynasty player but here's my 2 cents anyay. the gallup and 1st rounder offer is pretty intriguing.... but diggs is only 25 and despite cousins he's proven to be a wr1/2 with even more upside still left to tap in to. I'd hold
  19. he would need to offer jacobs, chubb and a WR improvement over woods for me to even consider moving CMC. also, please roster CMC's backup. there are a few options you can cut to make room see mine please
  20. stafford has no run game and has 2 very good wr's and an nice rookie TE... im not sure why this is even a choice. what more does stafford need to do?
  21. keep barkley, playoff schedule is juicy see mine please
  22. i too would roll with carson. freakin kenyon drake just shredded niners D... i think seahawks red hot offfense will perform see mine please
  23. I'd probably go buffalo here.... but i think the bears D is the safer choice.. but limited upside. whereas the bills d could get a lot of turnovers and perform well (i think this will happen)... but they could also get run all over and perhaps not perform well (teams have been running on them). see mine please
  24. when you are considering a trade, you need to consider the team needs of the team you are trading with. i cant offer advice if i dont know what that guy needs
  25. i'd probably start ekeler, he's been generally pretty good with some high upside... unless we know for sure connor is out this week before tonight's game see mine please