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  1. 1 minute ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:



    ap was dnp, dnp, LP for a thursday game last week.... so unless his injury got worse during the game.... i'm hoping his LP tomorrow and gets his normal workload sunday (also hoping thompson misses again)... a lot of hoping i guess. there was an article published yesterday with AP quotes talking about looking forward to playing against frank gore on sunday.

  2. On 10/27/2019 at 11:40 AM, Nomad_0024 said:

    What are we expecting from this guy for the ROS? Got the Bills next week then a bye. Some decent lookin matchups after that but they got Philly during the fantasy playoffs.

    just hoping he plays this week, i would not expect him to be roster-able unless guice gets hurt after week 11.

  3. 1 minute ago, troublezks said:

    I would only do this if you were 100% sure you could flip Mahomes or Watson for a RB1. Otherwise you would be screwed. 

    thanks for mine

    mahomes would be your best bet to get a RB1... but even then i think it's unlikely and you wont be able to trade mahomes for a RB until after he's back and had an elite game.

    it's tough, bell should be agood for the rest of the season as his schedule softens.... you would be really weak at RB without bell. i'm not sure the boost hopkins gives is lost by the lack of production at your RB


  4. 0.5ppr, redraft

    i'm 3-5 and have a huge hole at RB this week with literally no top 40 options to fill it with. I have Kareem Hunt... was considering making an offer to the chubb owner... give my kamara for chubb straight up. i'm curious as to how that offer would be viewed by you folks here. i'd be surprised if hunt took more than 33% of the snaps/work... but i'd imagine chubb will for sure see less work when hunt is active next week. chubb's schedule looks a little easier too. plus it would be nice to have both because i currently dont have L Murray and that killed me the last 2 weeks..... thoughts?