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  1. i almost feel like overpaying 25-50% of ekeler's current value in a trade.... rolling the dice hoping MG gets traded... if it happens i will have acquired a RB1 for pennies on the dollar... but i doubt any ekeler owner is willing to deal right now
  2. he didnt quite fill will fullers 9 targets 5 rec 40 yards...
  3. i'd have to agree, it makes zero sense that a RB just acquired will be able to pick up enough of the offense to be able to play " big role" with barely even one real practice ahead of Thursday's game. he won't know what the hell to do in pass pro against the 2nd best D in the league..... i think this is just uninformed commenting
  4. reported deal was struck on saturday... so seems more like a DJ thing
  5. I've seen no reporting on him today. Anyone? Late game makes this tough
  6. Based on what? Not a single game this season has another ram rb ever gotten near an even split with gurley
  7. kamara stuck in a timeshare would just be the worst thing ever! it's definitely never happened before in either of his first two seasons
  8. an article from 4 days ago? the coach admitted they "shot him up" to get through the game, two DNP's to start the week is concerning for his availability in what already is a bad matchup on paper
  9. official report says illness
  10. connor's not even listed.... they list samuel as gotten full too...
  11. did conner practice today? if so im dumping snell for deandre washington
  12. You have kamara, no murray: post reads "come on kamara play" you have murray or have both or are a saints fan: post reads "rest through the bye and come back strong, we dont need kamara agains the lowly cardinals" just like this post instead of posting your version of this post...!
  13. looks like a DNP today... i think there is a strong chance kamara is active but emergency only. Say a week ago the saints determined that kamara needs 2 more weeks off... rest him through the bye. it makes sense that they would have 3 RB's active for the chicago game (murray washington, zenner). Because if any of the 3 got hurt you'd want at least 2 already on roster for the cardinals game so you wouldnt have to be rushing to sign someone and get them up to speed. Fast forward to yesterday....the team knows they only need to get through one more game before the bye and getting kamara back week 10.... so why carry 2 RB's behind murray for one single game? What's the chances 2 RB's get hurt in one game and that you'll need to rely heavily on the 3rd string rb? it's not quite decoy status but i would hope if my scenario plays out that shefty is given a heads up and reports it sunday morning
  14. saints just released zenner.... is that a sign kamara is going to play this week? i can only hope
  15. let murray take on the ingram role... didnt stop kamara from being elite previous two seasons
  16. in most leagues stills is the ONLY WR pickup worth looking at.... (no i dont want any part of the titans WR's, puke)
  17. Michel is so terrible. He offends my football sensibilities. Yet the best team in football has no issue giving him 20 cause a game
  18. Next week Against the terrible Cardinals d at home? They are going to rest kamara again next week. We won't see him again until week 10
  19. thanks for mine, i would go TY for sure. potential for a shoot out against the texans
  20. apparently not at practice per beat writer, likely DNP designation... three DNP's means out
  21. Thanks for mine. I don't think you have any attractive pieces you can package for a rb upgrade. Unless you are willing to do slight downgrades by trading Julio or kamara for a slightly lesser player plus a rb?
  22. diggs and ridley for me too... dont want any part of that niners D see mine please
  23. no for me, selling too low on nuk and ertz. find a TE needy team and move henry see mine please
  24. i would make the deal to get kittle. better offense, more TD chances... the WR's are kinda a meh... dont really care about either of them see mine please