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  1. id be looking at other rosters for teams that have a good #2 QB... then try to trade for it.... on trade market qb's dont have much value so you could get one pretty cheap... would prefer that route over the waiver list you gave
  2. i'd start tate in what should be a high scoring game... peterson doesnt cover slot WR's see mine please
  3. agree 100%... if d will is your RB4... i'd wait him out to see how it shakes out in KC... no one in your list has the upside D Will does see mine please
  4. i have mike williams, i dont want to roster lazzard over mike will... as i dont see lazzard production continuing much longer... but he appears to be the only WR starting for GB this week, the other 3 ahead of him all missed practice again today. plus rodgers was the one asking for him to play... seems like a good combo for 8-10 targets this week.. see mine please
  5. yes to all three, all three have workhorse roles vs. aaron jones' timeshare. i suppose i'd prefer connor, bell, then jacobs see mine please
  6. i like John brown, miami is so terrible he should break loose for a long one see mine please
  7. id go dorsett... especially if gordon doesnt practice this week see mine please
  8. i think i'd rather have carson than L bell... though its close... you already have ryan so dont see the urgent need for brady... i might pass if I were you and look to sell Waller for WR help see mine please
  9. 0.5ppr, redraft, qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, flex 2-4 and really need a win. looks like kamara wont go so have a huge hole in lineup at rb. since last night i made two trades that when combined resulted in me giving brady, m. gordon, michel for kamara. Should i offer kamara for carson and singleterry? qb: watson rb: All 3 rams rbs, kamara, hines wr: t hill, gallup, fuller, mike will, marvin jones te: waller
  10. i think you take that deal, golladay has been great and his bye is over see mine please
  11. he'd have to be pretty dumb to pay more than what he is already offering in white. btw, last year white had 4 games less than 10 pts, 4 games more than 20 pts, the other 8 were all double digit... there's a reason he finished the year as a top 10 RB. this year in ppr he's been over 10 every week.... id much rather have that guarenteed 10 points than have a lotto ticket of a player in williams who seems to be just above JAG ability/talent
  12. i think you need two factors here...consider playoff schedules and the fact cooper seems to be jekyl/hyde with his home road splits... cowboys have a lot of tough matchups to closeout the fantasy season. cooper since becoming a cowboy has nearly all of his big games at home, while on the road he's been really quiet. 10 Min decent pass d 11 @Det slay and road game 12 @NE always seem to shut down #1 WR, road game 13 Buf good d 14 @Chi good d, road game, cold weather 15 LAR now have jalen ramsey to shadow cooper
  13. i would drop stafford to pick up the 2nd kicker and then keep slye... i'd wait until sunday morning to do it though just so no one else picks up stafford in the meantime... then you should likely be able to reacquire stafford for cheap next week of waivers
  14. james white was rb8 in my 0.5ppr format last year... this year he's been a rock solid but unspectacular RB2. jamal williams has had the main gig before and done squat... he looked fine Monday night but i dont think he's a lock to put up aaron jones production if jones were to miss time..... you're letting recency bias get the way
  15. tough one, in ppr i prefer monty... but he is your rb3 so not the end of the world to get a slight downgrade there... i think i would accept the offer see mine please
  16. did you see what kirk cousins just did to Philly d? this is an easy one
  17. you got saquan barkley and you didnt kill your team in doing so... congrats see mine please
  18. would help us to see your roster to see if there are any players who could be sacrificed to keep the kicker
  19. that's an instant accept for me, white is a rock solid RB2 whereas williams is hit or miss see mine please
  20. 10 team, 2qb league....short benches.... start 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex QBs: Lamar, Kyler, Dak RB: Cook, Zeke, Chubb, Michel WR: Tyreek, lockett, diggs, fuller, watkins te: andrews I feel like every passing week I'm hurting my team by not rostering all 3 of my handcuffs (pollard, hunt, mattison). But to roster the handcuffs i'd be looking at dropping quality players in watkins, fuller and michel. The league isnt very active on trades so ideally I would do 2 for 1 trades to get slight improvements at WR and free up bench spots.... but it hasnt happened yet. So would you drop watkins, fuller and michel to roster the 3 premier handcuffs... i just feel if one of my elite RB's were to go down i'd rather start their handcuff... WHIR!!!!!
  21. if you own gurley you should be hoping the entire rams run game looks like poo. because if brown looks as good as i think he will play... it's just going to mean they move back to brown getting 1 out of 3 drives that they did to open the season.
  22. ah, doubtful.... the only purpose of doubtful is to make management of IR slots that much more difficult
  23. He didn't break collarbone. Read up on injury in profootballdoc
  24. That rapsheet video outlines everything. Scan today, if everything looks good he's playing Sunday. Since this isn't a muscle strain or ligament issue, I would hope there is no worry about limited snaps. If his body is ready, he should be a full go on Sunday... Only thing left to worry about is mahomes ankle and their bad o line play
  25. That jerk. Pretty clear in post game interview HE was the one calling the sneaks from the 4 so he could get his 2nd rushing td