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  1. Sob, a decent back scores there... Brady falling forward on kneels to avoid negative yards
  2. So first and ten.. Brady QB sneak right? Will net more than a Sonyt run against stacked box
  3. I mean, wtf, a QB sneak from the 4? Sony got 50 carries between the 20s tonight
  4. Sickening as Michel owner. At least my opponent got 2 more points for Brady... Oh wait
  5. ROS their value is probably similar... but for this week... and possibly a couple more ekeler is more valuable. see mine please
  6. Do you realize how close fuller is from having had two very good weeks? Week 1 he was underthrown on that 50 yard catch he had... had watson hit him in stride he would have had a 90 yard TD. last week fuller broke free at the 4 yard line running accross the field. watson again didnt see it in time and the ball arrived late so fuller got tackled when he could have had a score. tl:dr, i would still give fuller another game or two. i think he's going to boom soon see mine please
  7. i would make that deal too. cooks will be maddeningly inconsistent whereas it seems like waller has a solid floor each week. doesnt seem to hurt your lineup too bad either see mine please
  8. that seems like a fair deal. montgomery should be a 15-20 touch player each week, but it's tough to trust nagy on this. i guess i would take it see mine please
  9. is justin jackson rostered still? im guessing yes. i'd go penny if he practices this week. he should get work while they are ahead against ARZ's putrid defense see mine please
  10. if i were you i'd be happy to keep lamar. defnitely would not give up evans to upgrade to mahomes see mine please
  11. tough one, they all feel like wr3's that who knows will be the one to do well any given week. would review playoff schedules for diggs to see if he is useable
  12. redraft, 10 teams, 0.5ppr, start 2QB's, 2rb's, 2r's, te, flex My team (2-1): kyler, dak, cousins zeke, cook, chubb, michel t hill, watkins, lockett, diggs, fuller andrews, olsen his team (2-1): mahomes, watson, jameis m gordon, sanders, gore, singleterry, coleman allen, edelman, m brown, gallup waller Does it make sense for me to offer Kyler and chubb to get mahomes and m. gordon?
  13. thanks for mine, deal seems to make sense to me... you give up your backup QB and abackup Wr for a WR that could be a starter.
  14. I'd rather gamble on the chiefs offense, start d Rob See mine please.
  15. You are under selling ekeler big time. Would need a much better wr with Gordon See mine please.
  16. I always look long term. Would rather have saquan in playoffs. Would need a better rb than Aaron Jones See mine please.
  17. Hard pass for me. Adams will be fine. Arod isn't going to average 200 ypg for the season See mine please.
  18. I prefer the Freeman side. Not sure what McCoy is going to be when Williams is back See mine please.
  19. I would agree with others, I like the deal for you See mine please.
  20. Thanks for mine. Hopkins and it's not particularly close
  21. Redraft, 0.5ppr, ten team, start 2qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, flex Give: Wilson, Josh Gordon Get: Kyler, tyreek Hill 2-1 record Qb: Wilson, Dak, cousins Rb: Zeke, cook, Chubb, Michel Wr: lockett, Watkins, diggs, Gordon, Fuller Te: Andrews
  22. Thanks for mine. Monty and a rob
  23. Thank for mine. I would do the trade to get Bell