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  1. Do you realize how close fuller is from having had two very good weeks? Week 1 he was underthrown on that 50 yard catch he had... had watson hit him in stride he would have had a 90 yard TD. last week fuller broke free at the 4 yard line running accross the field. watson again didnt see it in time and the ball arrived late so fuller got tackled when he could have had a score. 


    tl:dr, i would still give fuller another game or two. i think he's going to boom soon


    see mine please

  2. redraft, 10 teams, 0.5ppr, start 2QB's, 2rb's, 2r's, te, flex

    My team (2-1):

    kyler, dak, cousins

    zeke, cook, chubb, michel

    t hill, watkins, lockett, diggs, fuller

    andrews, olsen

    his team (2-1):

    mahomes, watson, jameis

    m gordon, sanders, gore, singleterry, coleman

    allen, edelman, m brown, gallup



    Does it make sense for me to offer Kyler and chubb to get mahomes and m. gordon?