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  1. I have Hockenson too and I am 100% flexing Waller this week. The snap share is insane and the targets are bountiful!
  2. Just because you pick someone up doesn’t mean you must start them this week.
  3. Baltimore is gonna be without Jimmy Smith though. That helps. Its either Allen or Kyler for me. Im playing the opposite game this season, cause every time I am rationale it backfires. kyler looks like an absolute sit this week. But this is the kind of spot you bench him in and he balls. So I’m going for it! Godspeed John Glenn!
  4. He doesn’t do you any favors being on your bench until at least Halloween. Jake Kumerow has the same injury last year and was out for 2 months. He will be great for a late season push but if you’re like me, you took him with the intention that he’d carry much of the load to get you to the playoffs. Now there is a giant hole in my roster and I need production. Sucks but it feels like a wasted pick as of now. When he comes back I’ll be worried about re-injury the entire time and KC likely won’t rush him as they don’t have to.
  5. Diggs coming off a week where he’s been “questionable” is usually always a down game for Diggs. I’m benching this week.
  6. I took him at the very end of my auction for $1. We haven’t had many BIG running back injuries yet so I’m assuming that’s why he hasn’t signed yet. Gotta wait for a team to get desperate. Theres no way he goes unsigned this season.
  7. What stands out to me the most... “In his career Duke has averaged 5.3 ypc in the shotgun and only 3.2 ypc under center. Guess what HOU and Watson do a TON? HOU ran the ball the most in the NFL in 2017 from shotgun and 7th most last season.” Also, remember this kid is the all time leading rusher at the University of Miami. Give him the rock.
  8. The 6 points passing TD bumps Mahomes big time in this situation, but I’d go with Kittle just because it’s so late and an elite TE is such a huge advantage to have. Thanks for mine!
  9. I went Godwin. Im a Dolphins fan and don’t want any part of that offense. Our OLine is the worst I’ve seen in probably a decade, and that’s saying something. Add that to the fact that Ballage doesn’t break tackles and I think he’s going to severely disappoint.
  10. Davis, Hunt, Guice and it isn’t close. thanks for mine!
  11. Thanks man. I think this is the answer. Latavius was the other one I was really considering, but I could get his production in the draft. Godwin gives me some security too.
  12. I am leaning this. Stockpiling amazing WRs, then just taking enough at RB until someone bursts out and spending big on FAAB to complete my roster. Could also flip a WR at some point.
  13. Thanks for mine! I’d take that deal for AP. You have enough at RB to play with your roster and give up AP. In terms of Gordon, yeah, he’s the most valuable for sure. If it’s Gordon or someone like Deebo Samuel or something, hands down Gordon has the upside. Should eat with no Gronk.
  14. I think i can steal some dudes like Carson, Miles Sanders, and most of the other upside rookies. Maybe grab someone like Peyton barber to fill the void until one of my bench RBs hits.
  15. Hey y’all! .5 PPR, $200 auction, keeper (qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, Flex, TE, K, 2 IDP) Already have DHop (WR1),Tyreek (WR2), and Juju (Flex) locked in. I get to choose one more from the grouping below. I’m not going to include their prices because they are all the same cost. Whichever player I choose from below will leave me with $63 left. I plan on only allocating $5 TOTAL to fill QB, TE, K, 2 IDP. I will have $58 left in which will be allocated to filling my remaining roster with RBs. Who should be my final keeper: • WR Chris Godwin (I can keep him for multiple years) • WR Curtis Samuel • RB Kalen Ballage • RB Latavius Murray Thanks Guys! WHIR