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  1. You have to play him against the Bengals this week. We just saw what the Browns TEs did to them. The minute you bench him he’s going to pop off for a 20 point week.
  2. Fuller had a “hamstring issue” vs. Baltimore and we saw how that went.
  3. We are singing a much different tune this week about Williams if his catch last weekend is counted as a TD instead of being down at the goaline. I think tonight he balls and he’s a hot waiver add next week as people realize they cut bait too early.
  4. Surprised there isn’t more buzz on this dude right now. Figured he’d be a bit WW commodify this week. I lost Saquad and feel like I need Henderson now. With Akers banged up and Malcolm brown banged up he could run away with the job? Thoughts? I gotta make up my mind before I drop 51% of my FAAB on him haha. Why is this dude worth investing in? Or is this just an ugly committee in the making?
  5. I’m starting Williams over everyone’s favorite darling Scotty Miller, Will Fuller, John Brown and Jalen Reagor. Chiefs secondary is plagued with injuries right now. Big day coming...
  6. A line nobody thought they would ever say 2 weeks ago.
  7. Where are we at on Preston after week 1? Saw 7 targets, the CLEAR #2 in line for a heavy target share. DVP seeming to have hammy troubles already that tend to linger... thinking he’s a buy low with blow-up potential after a tough draw week 1-2.
  8. You drafted Jalen Reagor, a rookie WR, for the boom he can provide you this year... and you wanna cut bait after the FIRST GAME of his career. Lol, never change Rotoworld forums.
  9. Flores’ most improved player in camp. Was raving about him. I don’t think this is just a fluke. He earned his snaps and looked good.
  10. I have Hockenson too and I am 100% flexing Waller this week. The snap share is insane and the targets are bountiful!
  11. Just because you pick someone up doesn’t mean you must start them this week.
  12. Baltimore is gonna be without Jimmy Smith though. That helps. Its either Allen or Kyler for me. Im playing the opposite game this season, cause every time I am rationale it backfires. kyler looks like an absolute sit this week. But this is the kind of spot you bench him in and he balls. So I’m going for it! Godspeed John Glenn!
  13. He doesn’t do you any favors being on your bench until at least Halloween. Jake Kumerow has the same injury last year and was out for 2 months. He will be great for a late season push but if you’re like me, you took him with the intention that he’d carry much of the load to get you to the playoffs. Now there is a giant hole in my roster and I need production. Sucks but it feels like a wasted pick as of now. When he comes back I’ll be worried about re-injury the entire time and KC likely won’t rush him as they don’t have to.
  14. Diggs coming off a week where he’s been “questionable” is usually always a down game for Diggs. I’m benching this week.