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  1. Decent team with lots of picks. League is in its 4th season and active on GroupMe. Empire pot with $20 buy-in. Here is team: Has picks: 1.01 2.01 2.12 3.01 4.01 5.01 and 5.12 Settings:
  2. Well, Woj said it. It could also be a negotiation tactic to extract more from unmentioned teams
  3. This is true. Knicks mortgaging their future to get a big name does sound very Knicks.
  4. not mentioning Lakers seems like a smoke screen. What do the Knicks have that would help MIN? Frank? Courtney Lee? Knicks give up a first in a year where they wont compete?
  5. I will take the Jokic - Oubre - McCollum team if it still available. Or 2nd choice would be any that becomes available.. 30 team league..

    1. andyz


      sorry man team was recently taken

  6. League just draft and in its first year. We use real-life NBA salaries so teams need to stay under the $101M total. 6 starters and 6 bench plus 1 G-league roster spot. PG,SG,SF,PF,C,Flx. Standard 9-cat. Everything hosted on Fantrax. Open team has: Jokic, CJ McCollum, Lou Williams, Oubre, Enes Kanter, Montrezl Harrell, Frank Mason, Stan Johnson, Wayne Selden, Tyler Zeller, Jarell Martin and Melvin Frazier. Pretty good team for a 30-team league. DM me if interested. Thanks!
  7. Hi - Is team still available? Is it full dynasty or keeper? Thanks!
  8. one more! draft tomorrow. need someone who can pay asap and join the league chat on GroupMe ASAP