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  1. Jeudy is 3rd among rookie WR in yards and would be 1st without 3 pretty ugly drops. 55+ yards every game, 15 YPC, and a straight Moss play under his belt. All of that and he's also had the likes of Jeff Driskel and Brett Rypien throwing to him soooo...
  2. Pretty close list, I would easily have Jeudy over Ruggs tho.
  3. My money would be on Nolan being traded this offseason.
  4. .5 point PPR, should I start Keenan Allen or DJ Moore at flex?
  5. Why would you be done when he finally comes alive? Lol someone sounds salty I snagged this dude for free so I’m admittedly feeling much better than those who drafted.
  6. Aside from steals this man's minors numbers are dreadful. Hard pass for me.
  7. Yes, you are the only one annoyed. I can't see a single season stat to be frustrated with...
  8. I would give him getting hurt a 95.5% chance this season
  9. I dropped him in a 12 team roto and he’s been a FA for about 2 weeks.
  10. Nervous? He's already missed half the season, ha. The easy answer is it depends. I have him in a roto league where the chance at his 10 saves ROS mean more to me than much else would. I think if you've held him this long trading him would feel really foolish, but there obviously is some risk that the rust lasts 10 games and suddenly you ended up with nothing from him this season.
  11. Nolan has been my favorite player in baseball for a few years but man I have a sour taste in my mouth right now. Cries all off season about lack of support and then lays this turd sandwich on the field. $30 million a year and he's 2/31 with RISP. Everyone goes through slumps, he'll break through, but the drama and chaos he created for his team sure makes him look like a petty fool right now.
  12. This dude is never going to be better than 1-2 great starts a year. His stuff is killer but the 4.7 career BB/9 over 800+ IP is as bad as it gets. He's a never add for me.