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  1. off to the ship here, thanks to so many forum contributors
  2. *angrily shakes fist at sky* It's all those dang Millennials' faults!!! lol give me a break dude
  3. With Sale, Snell, & Gray down I don’t have any choice but start... let’s goooooo Also, thank you James Paxton ❤️
  4. Jon Gray ranks 7th among pitchers in WAR (baseball reference) for 2019 with 4.9. Not saying it’s the best metric for fantasy purposes but let’s take it a little easy here, he’s been good this season.
  5. Haven’t watched him much this year, but his defense was beyond putrid when he was with the Rockies.
  6. Decision depends on your situation.. FWIW I am in a pretty commanding 1st place lead with an easy matchup and I am benching him just to be safe.
  7. Fair, I won’t deny the back end of his deal will likely be a burden. However, the unfortunate reality is Colorado needs to overpay for star power and they did. There aren’t enough years on the deal to call it an absolute albatross, and his final season is less painful at $10 mil. To bring it back to a relevant conversation, his contract likely makes him a guy who won’t move. Even if they were to find a trade partner the contract would diminish the return greatly.
  8. What? He’s been exactly as expected since signing. Rock solid offensively and pedestrian at best defensively. Besides that he’s an absolute fan favorite and all around great representative for the team. All Rockies fans I know are adamantly opposed to trading him.
  9. He keeps fouling the ball off his toe as well. He mentioned post game it keeps getting almost fully healed then boom, another one off the toe. Nolan will not accept sitting a few games to get right. Hopefully he mends up a bit here soon.
  10. Last 9 games... 14/34 7R 2 HR 12 RBI 4BB - 411/473/676/1.149 A strong finish would make up for a lot of benched weeks.
  11. And he's also still only 24. With so many youngsters mashing in their early 20s it is sometime the expectation for every hyped prospect to do the same. Plenty of cases where it took until 25-26 to figure it our. His career OPS+ is still 108 even with a few absolutely putrid stretches. I am stashing down the stretch.
  12. 3 up 3 down definitely means retiring the side in order ha
  13. #75 among SP? What? He’s SP24 and 90 overall in my QS points league.