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  1. He ended up with 70% of the snaps which before his injury through the first 3 weeks he was averaging 79%. So a slight down tick but he was on the field a lot. I watched the entire game and I couldn’t tell if it was his ankle bothering him or he was just winded. They showed him on the sideline hunched down taking deep breathes multiple times. He was also open a couple times where the throw was just missed so maybe the conditions messed with Lock or Fant was slightly slower recovering from injury or from not having time to get his conditioning up.
  2. He has had an incredible soft schedule against the run and aside from weeks 2 and 3 hasn’t done much with it. The last two weeks he played two bottom 5 run defenses and didn’t look good in either game. Now they are getting back a HB that was expected to compete with him for touches before injury. I don’t believe it will hurt him too much this game. Specially since Thompson is out but down the road it could be a problem.
  3. People give Chicago too much credit. Look at the running backs they faced: Detroit - Peterson hit them for 93 yards in just 14 carries and added 21 through the air and Swift had a TD. Easily APs best game. Giants - First game without Barkley and Lewis had a combined 56 yards and a TD. Falcons - Gurley and Hill combined for 138 yards and 2 TDs on just 23 carries. Colts - Held Taylor to 68 yards but that is his 2nd highest total. Bucs - Jones broke 100 yards on 6.2 YPC, his best all season. Carolina- Davis had 50+ and a TD. The Rams will be the best rushing attack they’ve faced all year The two best offenses they faced in the Bucs and Falcons both shredded them on the ground.
  4. If it was just no CT I would agree but Ozigbo is more of a threat to the every down work Robinson was getting than CT was. Thompson was clearly just a 3rd down back where Ozigbo was slated to compete for this job before going down. There was a report early on they were expected to split the early down work.
  5. I don’t think your thought process here is wrong. I just wouldn’t sell him after most people just watched what is likely to be his worst game all year. I also think if you were satisfied with him in 2019 your getting basically the same thing this year. His numbers are right in line with what he gave you last year. The only difference is he is getting slightly more of his work on rushes than he got last year. But last year that was down from the norm for whatever reason. 71.9 yards vs 73 this year. 5.5 touches per game vs 5.33 this year. I guess if you were hoping for 2018 type numbers I do agree we aren’t likely to get that this year. Hardman getting added in 2019 hurt that ceiling a little because some of those touches would for sure have been Hill.
  6. Hold off and you’ll get a chance to sell high on him if you want. Now wouldn’t be the time. But I also wouldn’t be looking to trade him if it was me. Even with this dud he is averaging 69 yards a game and he’s only caught one bomb so far to really boost up that yardage total. This game you can write off as bad game script. They ran all over the Bills, they ran more than any team ever has for Andy in all his years or coaching. Then when they were throwing the ball Hill had White shadowing him who most regard as a top 3 CB. I’d say he’s probably only trailing Gilmore. His fantasy value this year for sure has been bolstered by the 5 TDS in those first 5 games. Obviously he can’t keep up that pace but he’s always had a nose for the end zone. He got 7 TDS in just 12 games last year and they had misty the same weapons (CEH instead of Williams) 46 TDs through 64 games on his career.
  7. He got the 20 yard TD which is technically red zone. He had a couple others from the 10-20 where he caught both for short gains. The. He got a look in the end zone from inside the 5 that wasn’t converted. Not sure how much it matters the guy is a beast and every week starter when healthy. Specially with how bad their defense is, they will constantly be throwing. Look at the difference having him out there makes for Matt Ryan as well, clearly the number 1 guy in the offense.
  8. Why would you assume he is shadowing Evans? Read an article that said he would likely be on Godwin and I thought that made sense with the 6’5” to 5’10” height difference if he’s on Evans. Godwin also out targeted Evans in both games he played so more of a go to for Brady than Evans on the limited sample we have. Vegas has the Rams down for 27.5 and the Bucs for 27.5 also so both teams implied scores are the same. Maybe a slight edge to Godwin here since they are the dogs in their game so more likely to be playing from behind.
  9. I would go Woods there. I would normally like Godwin better but he is coming back after a multi week injury and on top of that is expected to be shadowed by Jaire Alexander who I think is one of the leagues better corners. I don’t think he’s likely to get saved by a TD either, Brady has been locked in on Evans there and GB is giving up a ton of rushing scores. The ground game is the best way to attack GB, with Kenny Clark out. Tampa loves to throw though so we will see how much they are able to take advantage of that.
  10. Just Woods target share concerns for me makes Julio the better option. The positive side would be they started with 3 games against the NFC east so maybe the soft schedule led to less need to pass and as the schedule gets a little tougher they pick up where they left off last year. Julio has been about as consistent as they come in recent years and I am hopefully after he sat last week if they activate him that means he’s over the hammy. I view him as the number 1 in that offense but at worst he’s 1B and they will be throwing a ton all year.
  11. I agree. Adams coming back alone will be damaging since he will be the first red zone look which seemed to be Tonyan in week 4. Lewis should also be back. He wasnt getting many targets but he was on the field a lot and he missed week 4 and the back half of week 3. Rodgers doesn’t have the best track record with TEs either. Maybe Tonyan is different but Finley also had a 3 TD game with Rodgers and only went on to score 17 more in the other 69 games he played with Green Bay.
  12. His production so far has been great. But when you dive deeper into the numbers is where it gets concerning as an owner. He is likely due for some TD regression. 3 TDS in 5 games from a guy whose best year was 7 and he’s already matched last years total. The targets are the bigger concern. He averaged nearly 9 a game last year and the last 7 games after they switched up their offense he had at least 9 targets in every game averaging over 11. I don’t think anyone is unhappy with his fantasy points per game so far given the price we paid for him. But it’s fair to wonder if he can maintain it on his current target share.
  13. I just don’t see it. You’d think only a contending team would sign him. Where is the contender with a HB hole to roll the dice on Bell? Maybe Arizona if they are done with Drake
  14. Nobody has mention the Titans, would be an interesting landing spot. Titans have nobody behind Henry and he would be a great compliment to spell Henry and take receiving work. KC makes a lot of sense as well
  15. I am not as worried about that. The Bills have had a very soft schedule and haven’t really blown anyone out. Maybe the Jets somewhat with them scoring late to make it look closer than it was. But they should of lost to the Rams and the Dolphins game was very competitive. Raiders game was close throughout most of it as well. But the Titans would have to be getting destroyed to go away Henry. I am more worried about the COVID risks. We’ve seen Tennessee test clean and then log a positive the next day Your banking on clean results Monday and Tuesday morning unless you have someone to fill in for Monday and that cuts your risk in half. The virus has a 2-14 day incubation period so some of these guys could of caught it from their teammates and just not be showing positive yet. All year I won’t be feeling great about Monday night players but this game seems to be carrying an even higher risk.