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  1. Better matchup to come back than ATL? Yes please.
  2. Honestly, I think he could creep into early 2nd round consideration this next year. With the current landscape of TEs, these top guys make such a massive difference over your opponent every week. Kelce is the biggest difference maker here, if he continues at this pace and finishes as the same point total as a top 5 WR... his ADP will only rise from where it was this year.
  3. Anyone else dealing with the conundrum of deciding whether or not to name your team after this GOAT? [Koo] Feels inevitable that he will drop off if I pull the trigger on the rebrand
  4. Schefter. Twitter is down, but its official. Ride out CEH being an RB1 for another week or two, but his ceiling just got absolutely halved. RB2/3 in ppr formats rest of season probably.
  5. Considering they have given Myles Gaskin 61 touches in the last 3 games... yes, Miami is absolutely the best fantasy possibility for Le’Veon.
  6. Dolphins offering something KC cannot. KC is estimated to be over the cap by 22m next year, so at best they can give him a one year close to vet minimum deal. He would then test FA market again as a 29 year old RB. MIA offering multi year deal with higher salary. (Important to note MIA just made Jordan Howard a healthy inactive this weekend in their 43-17 win against SF and that Bell and Howard have the same agent, so they could sign Bell and release Howard in the same phone call.) Guess we will find out whether Bell wants to chase a ring then test FA again in 2021 alongside other RBs like Gurley, Drake, Fournette, Aaron Jones (bet he stays in GB) and Phillip Lindsay.
  7. Miami or KC. CEH or Gaskin. Best QB in the league or some guy named Patrick.
  8. Yup, Mike Garafolo talked about that on NFL Network: A lot of sources have started to report that Miami is really going hard for bell with some sources even reporting they are negotiating a contract with Bell. (Translation: “Miami Dolphins are negotiating contract with free agent running back Le’Veon Bell”)
  9. As a RB, yes I would like to go to the team that commits money to the RB position. Especially as a RB who took a deal with the Jets so he could get paid well. Also as a RB looking to get touches... they’ve given 61 touches in the last 3 games to their late round 2nd year RB. Bell can walk in and get 20 touches a game, and live in Miami. I’m not counting out Buffalo or Kansas City yet, but Miami makes a lot of sense for Bell in terms of money and opportunity.
  10. I see no reputable source reporting Bell is going to MIA. Source?
  11. I think we are ignoring a possibly very important aspect of this saga. He is 28 years old, and turns 29 in February. This could be his last chance for a multi year lucrative deal. What if the Dolphins who have 15.9m in effective cap space right now, and almost 28m in cap space projected for next year offer him a longer term deal, instead of the vet minimum that many automatically assume he is going to take? The Bills and the Chiefs cannot offer him that, both are projected to be well over the cap next year at -4.6m and -22.1m respectively. The narrative seems to be he wants a prove it deal on a good team to show what he can do... and then test the free agency waters as a 29 year old RB? What kind of agent would let a runningback in today’s NFL do that without screaming no at him? I definitely could see MIA offering him a multi year deal, and Bell finishing his career where he lives in the offseason.