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  1. Full blown timeshare, might try and sell.
  2. Flexed him last week, got rid of my other TE this week. Fully vested on the Waller train, he is the bonafide #1 option in this offense, very excited to see where he finishes.
  3. I apologize, but I dont really understand what you are saying here. Anyway, the trade is already completed. So the Waller owner now has David Johnson and the guy who gave up David Johnson now has Gurley and Ertz
  4. .5ppr Ertz/Gurley for David Johnson (My backup TE was Waller)
  5. Rookie quarterback looking to impress or at the least not look bad + veteran slot receiver who is great at YAC and getting open + that receiver being in the top 2-3 options for the offense + him being on an offense with an all time talent at RB means single coverage that much more + him being on 4 years 37.5 million contract + this guy likely being a waiver pick up for you?!? Purely from a logical standpoint, how does that not at least get you a 'free' low end WR2?
  6. Tempted to start Brown if he is going to get every other drive like this ROS
  7. Chris Carson, go with Kyler if ya need extra upside in your lineup. If not, Ryan
  8. Full ppr so Duke and TY probably. Don't love Hilton without Luck, but I think he will at least be serviceable
  9. Lockett, he looks like he's going to light up the CIN defense today.
  10. Yeah go with Diggs, his floor is much better than the others. Plus his upside is not far off theirs either.