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  1. That’s the most annoying part. Sandwiched in between this week and his week 15 2 TD performance is him getting benched in a close game at halftime. Makes no sense at all.
  2. Rode the Jameis coaster all year. How fitting his last throw of the season is a pick six to give him a 30/30 year. First player to ever do it.
  3. Seriously. We can thank Zimmer and the online for that. Needed 4.2 points from him last week, got 3.8. Good times
  4. Zimmer is such a douchebag. No excuse to bench him like he did last week and then give him another full workload this week. Glad they lost today. Here’s hoping the Vikings get lit up in the first round and he’s canned in the offseason.
  5. Feel your pain man. Needed 4.2 from Boone and got 3.8. Mike Zimmer can go f@&k himself.
  6. Well that sucked. Did he even get a carry in the 2nd half? With Mattison inactive thought he was good for 20 carries. That’s Fantasy for ya though.
  7. Haha. Barring a stat correction lost by half a point. Was up 26 going into the game with Boone vs Aaron Jones. Guess that’s what happens when you put your faith in a backup.
  8. Doing the exact same thing my man. Good luck!
  9. Problem is Kupp’s talent isn’t the problem. It’s his happy feet QB who, if you’ve watched any Rams games the last month or so, refuses to target Kupp early in games. Last week, and I’m not even exaggerating, Goff would drop back and not even look in Kupp’s direction. He got all his points in the 4th quarter when Dallas went into prevent mode. Relying on that again this week is tough. Not sure I can do it.
  10. Nah man. Seeing the same thing. There was a 3rd or 4th and short when the game was still somewhat winnable where Cupp ran a quick out to Goff’s left. Was wide open in the flat. Goff took the snap and immediately locked into his first read and threw a terrible pass. If he had even glanced left would have been an easy first down pickup. Part of the problem is Goff has major happy feet and I’m pretty sure decides pre snap where he wants to go. You would think after their success last year and the first half of this year together Cupp would be one of his first looks. For whatever reason he isn’t and Kupp is suffering along with the Rams offense. Their offense has no flow to it whatsoever.
  11. Absolute beast. Shout out to Pete for sticking with him even with his early season fumbling issues.
  12. It’s unreal man. Watching the game and Goff doesn’t even look his way.
  13. Yikes. Anyone have any insight into this? Hopefully it was because they went so run heavy. The 4 targets is very concerning.
  14. It’s laughable at this point how little involved this guy is. [...]
  15. Just don’t trust McDaniels to keep him involved. He’s looked fine the last 3 weeks and they panic and completely abandon him as soon as they start losing. With a healthy Mahomes just seems like too big of a risk.