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  1. Lost my playoff matchup by 1 steal because the Cavs/Spurs game went into OT and gave Murray 2 more for 6 total on the night. Was up 9 going into today and opponent got 17 while I got 7. Also lost by single digit def rebounds. Did my best streaming all week to overcome Embiid out, Trae sick, and Brogdon out. Hate to see it.
  2. Thielen zero catches and still pulled it out. what a horrible game by Minnesota.
  3. And to think Minnesota took a timeout earlier just to punt the ball from around the 45. Absolute moronic timeout. Likely won’t matter but it could have. Coaches don’t value timeouts some times and drives me insane.
  4. People were considering playing Boone over jones too, just absolutely absurd stuff I read on here. I don’t care if jones has games 10 for 35. Dude had 17 touchdowns on the season before tonight and people were thinking of playing Boone. Even if it worked out you still would be WRONG.
  5. This is a booworthy performance by this Minnesota offense.
  6. Calling a timeout there is one of the stupidest meathead things I’ve ever seen
  7. That made no sense. They had 20 seconds left on the play clock.
  8. Up 2 with Jones vs Crosby. Up 12 with Thielen vs Boone/Bailey. This will be close. Played Ryan over Tannehill and Waller over Higbee or else sitting pretty.
  9. Waller, McLaurin, Parker. Those three all also on my team to offset this injury riddled cast- johnson, conner, thielen, cooks, Engram, (and lesser extent mack, Godwin, and Ridley). what a year!
  10. Somehow scraped into the finals despite battling injuries with this drafted team (which I thought I killed btw)- johnson, conner, thielen, cooks, mack, godwin, Ridley, Ryan, Engram Ridley and Godwin were solid all year but obviously they are done