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  1. I will probably end up keeping Deebo as my keeper next season for a 14th round but no way do I have expectations of breaking WR2 territory on this team. Volume is not there. HOPE I AM WRONG!
  2. HAHA I am thinking a week ahead......... Thank you sir. Tanehill it is
  3. I am going to lean Winston here. I think the Saints are going to play pissed and the score will be one sided. I am bias towards the Saints though, and I have Godwin, and because....
  4. I would have to go Allen here. Which Rams team shows up this week?
  5. Who to start this week at RB2? Lindsay @ KC Ingram vs Jets
  6. Remaining schedule is rough after such a great game.
  7. Up 54 with my opponent still having Mahomes and Hunter Henry. Looking like it could be a close one. (full point ppr)
  8. I would go Brown here. I do not think he finds your lineup for the rest of the year with the other options you have.
  9. I would stay put with what you have already
  10. I was offered Carson for Godwin straight up in 1 PT PPR. My Team: QB: Allen, Goff WR: Mike Thomas, Chris Godwin, Tyler Lockett, Courtland Sutton RB: Aaron Jones, Mark Ingram, Philip Lindsay, McCoy TE: Jimmy Graham , J. Cook WHIR
  11. I do not own Conner and picked up Samuels. Somebody really wants him out this week......