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  1. Ekeler's fumbles caused Travis Benjamin to drop a TD in the endzone against the Texans?
  2. I'm taking the Rams, Ravens, and Chiefs. I'm saving the Colts for week 10.
  3. Ok? That doesn't change the fact that Seattle has underperformed (failed to cover) every week so far. Weren't they 9 point favorites against Cincinnati? They won by 1. They were 4 point favorites against New Orleans and lost. Right now, Seattle is exactly the kind of team you want to avoid picking in survivor leagues.
  4. Why use them now when you can use them week 10 at home vs Miami? By then, Hilton should be healthy, and Miami should be worse (assuming they've traded for more draft picks).
  5. Seattle barely beat the Bengals, and they lost against the Saints (without Brees). I'm only choosing Seattle if their opponent has significant injuries.
  6. Ok, week 9 is a road divisional game for the Cowboys. Is there any other matchup that week you feel more comfortable about? And what about week 14?
  7. Planning picks may be a fool's errand, but it's a much better strategy than hoping for injuries to help you out.
  8. I'm guessing most people will take the Jets, but I'm saving them for week 14 which is another tough week.
  9. Do you take future weeks into consideration? I'm not using Dallas for week 3 because I plan on using them for week 9.
  10. I'm not worried. After the way Miami won game 14 last year, I think Belichick will have the Patriots fired up. Regardless though, look at those games individually. In 2017, when the Dolphins beat the Patriots, Gronkowski was serving a 1 game suspension and Edelman was injured. Their receiving corps were Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola. In 2015, it was week 17, and heat wasn't an issue in January. Plus, teams half-a** it in week 17.
  11. They were big favorites, and they don't have much future value.
  12. And because Peterson was suspended for a year. The default stance for players is "not an anomaly" so the player would have to prove that he actually IS an anomaly. Peterson proved this when he tore his ACL in December 2011 and had a monster 2012 season.
  13. Usage is more important than age. At the start of the 2015 season, DeAngelo Williams had about 1,700 touches. McCoy already has about 2,800. Matt Forte is a better comparison.
  14. Hasn't he repeatedly turned down a long term deal that would've paid him $10m/year?
  15. You emphasized that the Chiefs signed McCoy the day he became available. I'm simply pointing out that when the season starts in less than a week, time is of the essence. You can't assume it speaks to projected usage.