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  1. On IR now. Not that it should be celebrated. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if he came back to a minimal role in the offense.
  2. There was also a report that it was MT's attitude after the fight that caused him to be suspended, also saying that MT refused counsel from the coaching staff. I don't know obviously, but I get the feeling MT wants to be treated special and may have turned the corner into Steamin' Willie Beamen territory. I said it before and it won't sound any less ridiculous now, but, unless there's some sort of attempt by the coaching staff to come to terms and feed MT's ego, I think there's a chance he never plays for the Saints again. Owners can hope for a trade of course. But if he's acting like a jerk, they could decide to further suspend him and recoup some of his salary like the Gruden and Keyshawn incident back in the day. In that case, he would sit for the year and be traded or released in the offseason. Again, this is taking a step forward of course, with the thought that MT doesn't actually have a hammy injury, which I don't believe he does.
  3. If you own Mixon, you should also already have Gio. The good news is Gio could better consolidate the rushes and receptions. We'll see how it plays out.
  4. Who scores more ROS... Antonio Brown or Michael Thomas? lol
  5. I suppose if you have the space on your bench, why not pick up Brown. Me personally though, I just don't see him succeeding. At least not this year. He's eligible to start practicing in two weeks. We have no idea what kind of shape he's in and how long it will take him to acclimate to the team's system. I just think once you pick him up, you will feel obligated to hold him for a long while just to even see if there's anything there. On top of that, if does go to Seattle... he's got Lockett and Metcalf in front of him along with all the other obstacles mentioned and not.
  6. You should not be speaking such things. This is misinformation. There's nothing to see here people. Everyone go back about your business....
  7. Starting to have visions of Antonio Brown. After he lost his mind.
  8. He's listed with a hamstring injury now. But I'm not sure he practiced at all in order to even pull his hamstring. I'm starting to get the feeling he's fallen out of favor there due to maybe a bad attitude. I'm wondering if he plays again this year for the Saints. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/10/21/michael-thomas-now-listed-with-hamstring-injury-along-with-ankle/
  9. LOL Rotoworld's comments on Bell's transaction sh*tting all over CEH! Tell me what you really think, guy? Pretty harsh and unfair assessment of CEH. Alot of owners gonna freak when they open those yahoo notes. lol
  10. Not to mention, Strippers. Porn stars. Beaches.
  11. Personally, I'd rather take my chances with Fulgham over Desean and Alshon. Fulgham at least provides mystery and the hope of upside. Desean is for sure cooked, done. And Alshon is a bore.
  12. Apparently Bell was spotted at Talladega raceway with Joe Gibbs this evening. It's rumored LeVeon was wearing a Washington Football jersey with his name on the back. It could be just a coincidence, but sounds like a solid lead.