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  1. He's taking the job this week. Book it. It won't matter because no Dolphins rb can be started. Book that too.
  2. Penny probably has the highest upside of the equal flyers that we all are debating for a rb2. His biggest upside is also his biggest downside... coaching. Pete Carroll is a beast. He's got this team humming. Their running game is pure awesome. Picking a good player on a good team who happens to be spitting snaps is sometimes your best bet, especially because this guy can blow up. His biggest risk is that it will be the Carson show completely and Penny takes a back seat, which could definitely happen. I do think his recent carries/targets/performances stacked with the Seahawks' running game and the fact that they're on fire right now means Penny is probably my best bet for solid rb2 numbers and the pretty decent chance for his third straight blowup.
  3. I do judge you... as a competent owner.
  4. Naa... I think he'll smarten up and pound the rock with Patterson.
  5. Wow.. that is what it's about! Makes me believe this thing isn't entirely about luck.
  6. Dak is basically the reason I sat any possible Thursday night players this week. Nothing worse than losing your game 3 days before your opponents' players start.
  7. He better not wander out there last.... The bus will be gone. He'll uber back and find his belongings scattered across the bushes at his hotel.
  8. Garrett's going to find his belongings in front of the hotel after this.
  9. Here comes another 40 sec Dallas drive....
  10. This game will go to Nagy's head. Next week, 50 pass attempts mixed in only with hb passes and triple end arounds. He's a genius!
  11. Starting Snell over him with the outside chance Cook sits, and in that case I start Mattison. Even bouncing around the idea of Penny over Monty. I just can't figure this one out. I just have no trust in Nagy, Monty, Truby or anyone else in Chicago.
  12. Exactly. I thought that roto blurb was nonsense. Any fool knows... you rest, you heal. No idea if he'll play or not. I've seen guys with the pain tolerance injuries play through them, though, most always ineffectively. We really just need to follow the practices...If he doesn't practice all week, i doubt he suits up. Though I do smell a "game time decision."