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  1. I'm a fan of pretty much all your starters at where you likely took thhem! IMO your bench is filled with a lot of droppable players, but that can sort itself out through waivers during the year. Good luck
  2. I like it. Would have liked it more had you went with someone other than Gordon (who I don't think we see until late late season), but Montgomery/Lindsay should be fine starters while your WR's hold down the fort.
  3. Give me Hopkins at the #6 all day long! A solid #1 RB should come back to you at Pick #19. Thanks
  4. If you have the chance, go for it. But I doubt that the players you mentioned would entice the Zeke owner to move him for a downgrade. Thanks
  5. 12-team, 0.5PPR, 6pt per TD pass. Also important to note that there is no flex position, so each team starts strictly 2RB and 2WR. Team below: QB: Rivers RB: Dalvin RB: Sony WR: Hopkins WR: Tyreek TE: Hunter Henry Bench: Miles Sanders, Tarik Cohen, Latavius, Mattison, Jaylen Samuels, Gallup, Corey Davis I have the opportunity to trade Sony straight up for Deshaun Watson. Now in a normal league I probably wouldn't take it, but being limited to 2 starting RB's takes away from the position premium in my opinion. Do you see things the same way, or should I hold tight with Michel? Thanks, and WHIR
  6. 12team, 0.5PPR, 6 points per TD pass. Also we don't start a flex position. Here is my current team: QB: Rivers RB: Dalvin Cook RB: Sony Michel WR: Deandre Hopkins WR: Tyreek Hill TE: Hunter Henry D/ST: Cowboys Bench: Miles Sanders, Latavius, Tarik Cohen, Corey Davis, Gallup, Mattison Right now I have the opportunity to trade away Tyreek Hill for Mahomes and Robert Woods. Do you think this would improve or worsen my starting lineup? Thanks, and WHIR
  7. 12 teams, 0.5 PPR, 6Pt TD pass. Also no flex position (strict 2 RB/2 WR starting). This is my first ever auction league, and for quite a lot of money no less.. Looking for feedback on how I did and where I could improve. QB: Rivers ($1) RB: Cook ($48) RB: Michel ($19) WR: Hopkins ($62) WR: Tyreek ($48) TE: Henry ($7) D/ST: Jets ($1) K: Gould ($1) Bench: Miles Sanders ($6), Tarik Cohen ($2), Latavius Murray ($1), Gallup ($1), Mattison ($1), James Washington ($1). Thanks, and WHIR
  8. 12-team Auction league (0.5ppr, 6pt / td pass). Each team starts strictly 2 RB and 2 WR with no flex position, and I'm in the process of sorting out how this odd setting would affect player rankings. Does this boost the value of top-tier QB's/TE's (Mahomes, Kelce, etc.), or does it make RB/WR more valuable since you're starting fewer? Does it boost how much I should be willing to spend on elite players? So many questions and so little time. Thanks, and WHIR
  9. Hard for me to get excited about any team reliant on Melvin Gordon right now. But as others have said, you're set if/when he comes back
  10. Very solid team imo. Only risk would come late season if Chubb and Damien are no longer 'the guy', but personally I have faith in both.
  11. Really like it in terms of value, in the sense that your top guys (Kamara, Cook, Mixon, Ertz) were all great picks for where you likely took them. However, it's fairly skewed towards RB's and weak at WR/QB. Not the end of the world with that RB talent, but you could maybe look into trading Mixon for a #1 WR
  12. 10-team standard scoring league. For some context, my RB's are (imo) very strong while my WR situation is much less so. RB: Dalvin Cook, James Conner, Kerryon, Tevin Coleman, Rashaad Penny, Mattison, Samuels WR: Davante Adams, Mike Williams, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel, DJax Owner of Tyreek Hill has expressed interest in trading him straight up for Conner. I believe that this move would help balance out my team, but do you think this would be worthwhile? Thanks, and WHIR
  13. Not gonna lie I'm not a big fan of Mahomes or Ridley at where you would have likely taken them. But your RB core is solid despite lacking a star, and I think you'd have a good shot if one of them can turn into an RB1
  14. 10-team standard scoring league. I have the 8th overall pick and am going back and forth between Julio Jones and Nick Chubb in the first round (assuming that the Top 5 RB's + Hopkins and Adams are gone). Which of these two players would you rather build your team around? I have picks #8, #13, #18, #28, and then dont pick again until #53. Thanks, and WHIR