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  1. For my money, Barkley is already the best RB in the league. I'm sure a lot of people going to say Gurley because of situation, but I'd take Barkley over anybody at the position if I had to choose. This guy is easily the best RB to come into the NFL since young Peterson and is probably even better since he is a better pass catcher.
  2. ESPN released their early cheat sheet for 2019. Watson is pegged the second overall QB by them. Whether you agree with that ranking or not, it's going to drive up his price.
  3. What kind of scoring does your league have? He finished 4th for my 4pt passing TD league and 10th in my 6pt passing TD league that gives bonsues to 300 yard games.
  4. Same for me. Figured finished tied for second in record, had most points by 13 or 14 pts before playoffs started. Gurley and Conner owner was top seed and 2nd in points scored. Needless to say, I'm enjoying a 33 point lead with Cohen playing and Hill left while he just has CJ and a Kicker. My kicker is Crosby this week, which is lucky as hell.
  5. Same here. I have: Watson Barkley Cohen Hopkins Tyreek Mack Ebron Streaming defense - Falcons last week specifically and Titans this week Bench is nothing special. We did an auction and I pretty much spent all of my money on 4 players and seemed to have worked well. Watson hasn't played up to the dollar value, but I can't really complain. He's been rock solid.
  6. I remember ankiel being the real life version of Charlie Sheen's character in major league before he got his glasses. You didn't know if it was going to be right down the middle or 10ft above the catchers head
  7. Thibs spotted in the locker room just now. Reporters were shocked at what they saw:
  8. 41 minutes tonight. this guy is about to get luol deng minutes
  9. Covington seems like the type of player that thibs thinks about when he's wanking it watching game film
  10. Pretty sure you guys are getting trolled lmao. That reads like it's a Reddit copypasta about LeBron and Kobe with ayton and Luka replacing their names.
  11. The difference is that the eagles have historically been an RBBC team under their current coach. Just the way their offense is. Also, Ajayi was owned everywhere before he got hurt. Was a mid round pick. The other two guys were potential stashes. Who in that backfield is comparible to mack? If you had ajayi, he was owned. So if that's the comparison, then he wouldn't be dropped. Drake is clearly better than Gore. Should Drake have been dropped in a competitive 12 teamer? No, you'd stash him on your bench or spot start him until he got it going. if Mack is comparible to Drake, he shouldn't be dropped? How's Jones comparible to mack? Really don't see that one myself. Ty Monty and Williams were always going to get work. Williams was the guy the coaching staff wanted to succeed and start there.
  12. Rotoworld blurbs should never be trusted haha. Unless it is about an injury. I've see. Some ridiculous things in these blurbs. And not sure what you mean about Drake, Ajayi, clement, Smallwood, Jones etc. Those situations aren't really similar to Mack's.
  13. Anybody who watched the colts or listened to their staff could tell this dude was clearly better than the trash in front of him. Even their owner was drinking his Kool aid. Plus, the other guys were bad. Just watch them. This part was easy to diagnose. Don't even know the point of arguing at this point anyway. This guy has been a stud since he back. If you own him, good for you, if you played against him the last two week? RIP. And one thing you are overlooking about ownership percentage is that the vast majority of leagues are very casual and never even get touched.