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  1. I like Godwin as well, but I do think things will start looking up for Evans soon. That is a lot of investment to have both guys on a team with Jameis at the helm. I hold tight for now.
  2. Team in my sig. Redraft standard scoring league. I just traded away my top 2 WRs to land Kamara, which now moves Ingram to the bench. I am looking to upgrade my WRs now. Should I trade Ingram for Diggs straight up? I know Diggs and that offense has been pretty volatile, but not sure what more I can get for Ingram right now. Or should I try and package Ingram with a WR to make an upgrade? This might be a little harder to do this early in the season. What are your thoughts?
  3. I am a huge Vikings fan and love Diggs, but I think I would have to go Godwin. He is clearly a top option in that TB offense that should be throwing a lot. Vikings D is back and they are committed to a strong run game. Also without a clear #3 receiving option in MN teams have been heavily focused on taking away both Diggs and Thielen with success dating back to the 2nd half of last season.
  4. Team is in my sig. 12 team standard league. I feel my team is very strong, but due to some bad luck have fallen to 0-2. The WR volatility has killed me. Last week, I was offered Kamara and Allen Robinson for my Evans and Thielen. He ended up pulling out of the deal. Now that Brees is hurt he has put it back on the table. I am nervous about Thielen due to Vikings focus on run game and defense and without a 3rd option teams are heavily focused on him and diggs. so he seems to have low upside now. Evans i think rebounds strong, but has Godwin and Jameis's ineptitude to contend with. This would then push Ingram to the bench. Robinson, Woods, Fitz seems like a decent WR group paired with those RBs. How much does Brees injury hurt Kamara? Would you pull the trigger here and then maybe to look for a trade and upgrade WR? My Potential New Team: QB - B. Mayfield WR - R. Woods, A. Robinson, L. Fitzgerald RB - C. McCaffrey, A. Kamara TE - D. Njoku Bench - M. Ingram, L. Murray, L. McCoy, A. Mattison, D. Metcalf
  5. Team is in my sig. 12 team standard league. I feel my team is already very strong, so not sure if its worth reshaping everything. Am I overthinking this? I was offered Kamara and Allen Robinson for my Evans and Thielen. This would then push Ingram to the bench. Also thinking I can make a trade with Ingram to upgrade at WR down the road. After the trade my team would look like this. Obviously my RB's would be amazing. Would you pull the trigger? Potential team: QB - B. Mayfield WR - R. Woods, A. Robinson, L. Fitzgerald RB - C. McCaffrey, A. Kamara TE - D. Njoku Bench - M. Ingram, L. Murray, L. Fitzgerald, L. McCoy, A. Mattison, D. Metcalf
  6. I am in a 0.5 PPR, 12 team keeper league where we keep 2 players. I am keeping WR Hill in the 2nd, and Ingram in the 4th. A lot of the round 1 talent is being kept, especially at RB. I dont love the value of the RBs at pick 5 (Cook, Bell). I'm thinking of going WR and pretty much deciding between Julio, OBJ and Evans. I am kinda leaning OBJ, but what are your thoughts?
  7. This is a 12 team 0.5 pt PPR. We keep 2 players. I am keeping Tyreek Hill in the 2nd and have the 5th overall pick. Im thinking of going one of Julio, ODB, Evans at 5. We start 2WR, 2RB, 1 Flex. Keep Diggs in the 3rd, Ingram in the 4th or Murray in the 9th?
  8. I have the 3rd pick in a 12 team, non-ppr, redraft league. I will be getting a top RB in Rd 1, then most likely see myself going WR/WR at the 2/3 turn. What RBs are you liking in Round 4/5? Not sure guys like Carson, Montgomery will be there.
  9. I'm in a dynasty rebuild in a H2H points league. I'm targeting guys at the end of my draft from the 2019 June draft. Which 2 would you take? Hunter Bishop OF, NCAA Nick Lodolo, SP NCAA Daniel Espino, SP HS Thank you!
  10. I have taken over a team in a longstanding 16 team dynasty league. To enter I was able to protect 8 players and then entered a draft where my team was picked apart. I am now in complete rebuild and looking to add prospects and picks. I just traded Folty for Mize and a 2019 1st & 2020 1st. We are in a points league and closers arent generally valued that high but a 1st is pretty good for Treinen. Also, with Treinen being 30 I dont think he is much help to me when im not competing until 2021/2022 at the earliest. I do not know how to value Skaggs though. Right now in the upcoming draft I have 2 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 2 4ths...... We keep an active roster of 40 and I can use it on as many prospects as possible in my bench slots. Would you trade Treinen & Skaggs for a 1st & 3rd rd pick? Let me know if you need more details.
  11. This is a standard scoring league. Would you trade my Evans & Lindsay for his Hopkins? I just don't trust Jameis at all. Team is in my sig.
  12. Team is in my signature. Other backup RBs are Lindsay, Murray, Thompson. My starting #3 WR is Gabriel, Goodwin, TreQuan Smith
  13. He just countered. Wants Ingram for Kupp. Would you take it?
  14. I am currently looking to add a WR3. I originally tried to get Kupp for Murray or Lindsay but he is countering for Ingram. Would you trade Ingram for Kupp or Emmanuel Sanders? Or not worth giving up and try and pry a WR from somebody else?