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  1. Shot his girlfriend then himself in the parking lot.
  2. This is the NFL, you are guilty until proven innocent, and sometimes even after proven innocent you are still guilty. (Zeke last year)
  3. Ware, if you are desperate D.Williams
  4. They didn't activate him earlier in the season to keep him fresh, freshest legs on that team.
  5. Preseason, I remember since had my draft a day before that injury.
  6. Hunt was the biggest must add after Ware's injury, weird how that works.
  7. Doesn't count as an injury cant be in your IR spot in most site settings
  8. commissioner list means he can't be a part of this team unless is medical related no practice, no game
  9. Well Rice wasn't doing so well before that video release so his career was already on its sun set, just the video made it quicker. Hunt is a rising player, worth the risk.
  10. But Rice ended up putting a ring on that girl, this was a random 19 year old girl who was according to her made him angry for not sleeping with his friend. Considering he has another incident of punching a random dude in Ohio earlier this year and what we seen in the video, he might have anger issues.
  11. How long till we see KC statement on the matter?
  12. He tried to, without his friends holding him back the damage would have been astronomically worst.
  13. As new heroes slow down, the old hero from past times stands up to take the mantle