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  1. In need of a more consistent flex player, currently picking from Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel, and Corey Davis to fill the flex. Owning Barkley kind of scares me, I dont trust his situation, but moreso believe Henry can get me RB1 numbers. I'd swap Barkley for Henry, and replace Corey Davis for a revived Watkins. Watkins looked outstanding, I for one believe he'll put up possibly a top 3 season. Henry's last 5 games show the usage you can expect. Top 5 finish too Thoughts
  2. I am trying to decide which 3 to play this weekend. Saquon Mixon Jones Ware Not a bad spot to be in, but kind of tough since Saquon is going up against Chicago's D. Which 3 would you start this weekend?
  3. No. In another context you would have a point, but not this time.
  4. You can totally trade a top RB like Barkley or Gordon away for an elite WR, and put Aaron Jones in that RB spot. You'll get more points. Beyond that, Jones is on a good offense with a growing and important role..necessary to his team's success as they chase a playoff spot. Compare that to Barkley...he is the most important piece on his offense, but at risk of being shut down bc since G Men are going nowhere. Compare it to Gordon...he might be getting some rest or splitting more carries with Ekelar, since his team will likely be interested in keeping him healthy for the playoffs. I look 110% right at this point!
  5. No, but Saquon Barkley is one RB. i said his rb spot moron!
  6. Having Jones allows you to trade a player like Barkley for a king's ransom, all while losing nothing from his rb spot. Was 100% right wasn't I?
  7. Yoooo sup? Jones putting up some big numbers huh??
  8. Oh at least 15. Maybe 30. Lock for a huge workload, chance to finish #1 rb this year. Book it.
  9. 29-211-3 9-87-2 And.. GET YOUR AUNT JEMIMA READY...7 pancakes Book it. I am 9-1 and as always 100% right.
  10. This is simple. If you can't play Jones bc u think you have better running backs... 1. Trade one of your top RBs for a top level talent at other position(s) of need. 2. Replace the RB you traded with Jones.
  11. Thank you. Jones + the top tier WR you could trade for is going to be better than Barkley ROS. That is a fact Jack
  12. Wonderful. Other defenses wont do the same? Bears can't do the same? Titans cant do the same? Redskins cant do the same? Or better? Are the Giants getting any better or worse? I would still trade Barkley, because like I said if I can get a great WR and maybe a TE for him, Jones is likely to perfoem the same or better in Barkley's place. I am 9-1, soon to be league champ, and I'll quote myself and remind you people when its done that I called all of this.
  13. How about now Saquon last night? Battled his way to less than 20 pts against the lowly Niners. Lets reconvene at the end of the season
  14. My post came off as completely idiotic, i laughed when i read it again. (Went to the Tits game and had a lot to drink.) What I'm thinking it possible Saquon is at risk of being shelved? G Men SUCK and i dont see what they gain by putting him at risk behind that garbage line. Of course hes better, but its difficult to truat his situation. Barkley is also approaching a tough gauntlet of defenses. On top of that, the team could get worse if Lauletta plays and is somehow worse than Eli. Three big reasons why I'd prefer Jones. Jones, on the other hand, is proving himself a big part of the puzzle on a team that needs exactly what he can provide. If I could parlay Barkley into maybe Hopkins + a TE, I would, since Jones is hitting his stride like he is.
  15. Gordon, Barkley, Mixon. Jones is affording me an opportunity to trade one of those RB's. Likely Barkley, who has a tough schedule ahead. Jones is primed for a good second half, and I prefer him for the playoffs over Barkley. Good ROS defensive schedule. Not necessarily a lock for a huge workload, but his talent is undeniable and at this point McCarthy would lose his job if Jones doesn't receive more involvement. Jones is necessary to his team's success, whereas Barkley is pry going to end up on IR or rested in a lost season for the Giants. I'm currently 9-1 and am 100% right like I have been all season.
  16. I haven't let go, draft him every year... I'll never let go
  17. When he has that breakout game, trade high and collect a fortune
  18. I think Vance is going to blow up and everybody's going to draft him pretty high next year. He's going to get the usage, he's in a great offense, great relationship with the quarterback, and he's a dynamic player who should have already broken out
  19. Jordy nelson isnt JAG...he will continue to produce, if not at a higher level. No evidence of slowing down, lost abilities, speed, nothing...he's simply #2 to pooper for the meantime. Jordy nelson.
  20. Was his hand not hurt??? Need details on the hand and the hip issue.
  21. So if Howard plays, would vance McDonald be a better start than brate?
  22. so is Bryant questionable? Is Jordy better start than Corey Davis or Quincy this week?