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  1. I'm interested, please DM me on here
  2. But if they don't pitch this season it will be sitting for a whole year right?
  3. I mean if you need two 1B sure...If I just needed one, I wouldn't make the deal...I like Olsen but not totally sold on Bell
  4. Honestly, I think they will start the clock, you can't have you best prospects sitting out a whole year
  5. The only thing I can think of is teams don't want their star prospects sitting out an entire year? Could stunt their growth a little
  6. Richards(I hate Hill, he is good for 3 or 4 starts then gets hurt for months)
  7. I think Dejong, Harvey and May should all be owned...Probably drop Stephenson and Smith(not sure who the 3rd drop would be: it depends on the settings)
  8. Looks like it was some kind of ankle injury
  9. Think team one is pretty bad, if one of the 3 players you spent money on gets hurt or disappoints, this team will finish deal last You are going to pick up a WR1 and WR 2 of waivers? Good luck Team two is more balanced and has a chance at being in the running at the end of the season
  10. Seems like a lot to give up, but like the post above stated you have a ton of WR depth so if you comfortable giving up those picks do it...