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  1. To think I picked this guy up and dropped him 3 or 4 times this season(and last)...Looks special out there tonight
  2. I might take Carson over him but agree on the rest
  3. I would be ecstatic if I got him there in my redraft league
  4. This is what I'm trying to do...Nobody is biting yet though
  5. This is the case, I feel like I'm loaded in dynasty but then I look at other rosters and so are other teams
  6. I didn't realize that, might think twice about him...
  7. I just can't buy into him this year...Unless I mistakenly click on his name, I won't be owing him
  8. He is going to be on a lot of my teams if that's where he is going
  9. Still holding onto him in dynasty...I really think his talent is going to win out, if not with the Reds than somebody else