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  1. First the good - if everyone takes a second to notice, the search player function is now far improved - auto populating the name and not needing me to enter "last name first comma first name" in the year 2018. But now the bad (i'm referring to it in computer mode rather than mobile mode) : 1) first as one guy said, or both guys said above me - way way too much "white". Way too much white space. Apparent that you are trying to push premium and your exclusive columns rather than the blurbs you're known for. Disappointing but I respect that - you need to financially grow and that's the way you're doing it. I would make the " more player news" link that you for some sad reason hide at the bottom more easily accessible at the top without having to scroll all the way down to it conveniently placed by a gigantic ad - with all white so it all kind of blends in........ sigh. So put the More Player News link easily clickable. That More Player News page is such a vast imporvement from the current one you have - but you hide the link on the very bottom of the main page. 2) Second, on the main page for some reason the "trending" section takes up way way way too much space. Like, why? It's ridiculous and kind of comical. 3) *****Finally I'll echo what another person said as a stern reminder. I've seen a billion of your sites come and go. A billion through the years. The thing that keeps people coming back to your site after so many years still - being one of the last survivors of your kind - is your blurbs and the ease of use of your website in utilizing the blurbs. You take that importance away to focus on the premium aspects, and "exclusive" hot take columns etc and you're just another dime a dozen sports page. And people will start to leave you because of it, because there are many dime a dozen sports pages out there. Please don't get too greedy with pushing the exclusive columns or premium aspects and stay true to what people turn to your page for.
  2. between dwayne and deandre, i'd rather roster george
  3. I hear you but i dunno....if henry, benjamin, williams are out...that just leaves inman and gates as the viable targets. If you need a WR3 PPR or WR4, it seems like a solid low floor play to me.
  4. agreed. good luck starting a guy that is goal line or bust week to week. my thoughts would change drastically if washington will catch passes. Just a 3-25 line avg a week catching even would go a very long way. We shall see. I do know that he had great hands in college. And that is why I am holding. If they are going to treat him like a less glorified jeremy hill , then at least in ppr it's not startable.
  5. imo, basing fantasy value of an RB (specifically in a ppr league) on GL carries is such a risky and off-putting strategy for me - especially when the team isn't known to constantly ground control / pound the rock such as SF or LA. It's like for example ....in ppr - - Lacy has the GL carries. Awesome. Isn't it great how Lacy handles the majority of GL carries in green bay? No, it really isn't
  6. so in other words, a TD dependent low end RB2 / high end RB3
  7. im editing my post because it does not contribute to the discussion of Dwayne Washington 2016 Season outlook. Maybe some of the others before me should do the same.
  8. btw id like to point out that my post applies to him in standard leagues. For PPR leagues, he's just going to be a TD dependent desperation flex in byes. Riddick sucking at carries is great for a few extra carries for Washington going forward. Zenner not being there is great for washingtons carries. But as long as Washington goes the "averaging 2 catches for 10 yards" route, he's purely a desperation play unless riddick gets injured. Standard though, legit low end RB2 during byes...which are only coming up in 2 weeks (!) or so.
  9. without question this was a great game for him over the long term. 1) no zenner 2) riddick 9 carries for 10 yards? 3) he was "the one" who got the goalline carry on 3rd and 1 at the GB1 i am still sold on his outlook as a legit low end RB2 throughout the bye week duration. only thing i didnt like is i thought hed be used in passing game a bit more. the only people who should be angry are the owners who for some reason started him blindly this week. he's a non start next week to continue to see how it shapes up but its looking like a real chance he will be able to give me consistent RB2 during the byes anyone who was counting on high end RB2 (top 14 rb production in the nfl) or something like that was delusional from the start. Which unfortunately i think is most of his recent buyers
  10. the smart move is waiting a week to see how the backfield looks...and getting knowledge from this game. its kind of like going all in blindly or waiting to see the flop. Wait to see the flop if you can. but if you are the type of that wants to go all in blindly, have fun haha. hope he shines either way.
  11. at least 2 months. And likely a game or two to work his way back. so MAYBE...maybe hed be threatening back by Dec 1st or 8th ish. That's best case though. Likely he will be shelved the year
  12. not to play devils advocate. but if something like that happens with howard getting more carriers/etc, wouldn't it simply devolve into a murky timeshare? Washington has a clear role carved out for him right now seemingly.
  13. Why is it more increased now than it was, say, for the past day or two? Is it because of that Rotoworld blurb you just saw of some beat reporter stating the obvious? Or has there been a new development?