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  1. He is on pace for like 5 targets and has an endzone target and is getting the majority of RB touches in a close game. Seems good to me.
  2. Why high on KC rest of season besides week 13 it looks terrible.
  3. I think Brees injury is super serious 11 fractured ribs, punctured lung I dont see him coming even after 3 games. Plus they have a cupcake schedule. Denver Atl Phili KC Minn- I think brees come back for this game, after they lose to KC.
  4. Would like to see that comparison on a per game basis once Herbert took over fully. My bet is its the same.
  5. 2020 Keenan Allen = 2019 Micheal Thomas
  6. Lol it was an obvious catch, he dragged his foot.
  7. Not really did you see his run broke 3 tackles gained like 8 yards.
  8. Hamstrings are tricky, but with Diggs gone how can this dude not end up top 10 WR preranked? He may fly under the radar after a lost season. He really popped off in the playoffs and seems 100%. So unless they get some major WR FA like robbie anderson, perriman etc, I will be all over this dude in 2020. 1. MT 2. Adams 3. Julio 4. Godwin 5. Hopkins 6. Tyreek 7. Amari 8. Thielen, Sutton, OBJ, Devante Parker, Metcalf, Hilton, Golladay, Ridley?