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  1. I actually like this team but no way you get Theilen in the 5th and I kinda hate evans, but yeah this is MUCH better than the OP team. I like guys like hunt, cohen, boston scott, hines, to fill the gap. Thrown in a few lottery picks, not bad.
  2. Last year I drafted 3 straight wrs Thomas, Julio, Edelman, and would of drafted ertz if he wasnt taken right before me. Won everything with chris thompson, boston scott, latavius murrary, chase Edmunds, etc. I think if you dont have a top 6 pick (henry, zeke,cmc, ak, barkley, cook) you should go wr, kelce or wr, wr and bpa in the 3rd usually a wr. In full ppr i see a lot of guys who can give you a cheap 10 pts with catches in the 7-9. Boston scott, hines, cohen, hunt, etc. Not to mention that last year was weird in the fact that there were NO great FA rbs that lasted the full season. Drake was most likely drafted, edmunds/Murray were good for like 2 weeks, etc. Top rbs stayed real healthy last year, I see things coming back to normal with rb injuries and back ups turning into league winners with corona limiting otas and less of a firm hand on rbs. I agree with going 3 wrs/te in the first 4 rds if you dont have a top 5 pick. Traditionally they are safer from injury and you want that in your first 4 picks.
  3. Wtf are these rankings drake at 23 in full ppr? Conner at 16? MG3 a top 12 back? With all that said, in redraft I will not draft him until the 3rd/4th as he will probably not make much of an impact until November/December. So buy low, ala miles sanders last year, but better.
  4. I think he is going to be a red zone package guy/3rd down player. I bet his snaps never cross 40% and why should it, they have two great TEs to begin with and then 2 top 15 WRs. Ultimate fools gold this year.
  5. I could see him only seeing the field on redzone or 3rd down situations to keep the hits down and be ready for the playoffs. TD dependent. With those weapons whats the point in him playing on 70% of snaps and taking hits over the middle in October. This is unlike Andrews/Ertz/Waller who will be playing 70% of snaps racking in catches and yards and the occasional td.
  6. No way TB does that deal without getting Gronk. The dude is playing. That being said I could see him being a situational redzone package guy/3rd down player to keep the hits down.
  7. Hurts all pass catchers in Tampa Bay IMO. I think this Peyton Manning to Broncos situation with Brady especially in that division, I see Brady going for mininum 40 tds and 4500 yards. 1. Lamar 2. Mahommes 3. Murrary 4. Brady 5. Russel Wilson 5. Rodgers What round would you guys draft Gronk this year and what you rank him among TEs. Pros- Knows Brady, Body healed after a year presumably, Super High flying passing offense, shoot out division, running backs not great Cons- 3rd option behind 2 top 15 WR in the nfl, Arians doesn't use the TE, OJ Howard (who may get traded) still there, he might just be a red zone guy. I rank him 1. Kelce 2. Kittle 3. Ertz 4. Andrews ______________________________HUGE TIER CHANGE____________________________ 5. Waller (Oak likely getting a WR) 6. Fant (if they don't draft a qb) 7. Gronk Other options include: Engram, Hooper, Cook, Hooper, Henry (all these guys are also the 3/4 option on their team like Gronk) I wouldn't touch gronk until round 6, he will be long gone and super overhyped.
  8. rumored for a 2nd/5th . Makes sense big time for Minn IMO they are win now mode. Higher up for Clev shut it down saying it was "false".
  9. 6th, imo you can get him way later then that, but I agree. Only problem is there are SO many mouths to feed. Slayton, tate, engran, barkley. Id rather go for Daniel Jones.
  10. Agreed too many mouthes, brutal defensive division, and somewhat injury prone. I do think baker makes a nice step forward, so I do like him.
  11. Alot of pro analysts have him at minimum a top 12 wr. I wouldn't want him until rd 4, but he will be long gone.
  12. I dont care about the defense as mch the fact that TB, NO, and Falcons have all the same offensive peices or improved so Teddy is gonna be throwing 40-50 times per game.
  13. Tbh, I hope they dont sign anyone of note and see how Henry does on all three downs. We need more of them in fantasy. Might as well run him into the ground. From what I have read they are drafting an oline man with their first pick.
  14. Pretty much agree, was pretty much a game manager when brees was out. However, hes got guys who can take a 8 yard screen or slant 80 yards. You could do worse with the last pick of your draft and see what pans out. Probably has the best weapons in the nfl right now besides Cheifs, Saints, and Tampa Bay. Plays in a division where they will be down and forced to throw could be Winston light of 2020.