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  1. Id rather have cmc, chubb, eckler without gordon, henry, kamara, bell, zeke, barkley, Singletary, mixon, gurely, miles sander if howard is gone, and carson. Jacobs is close, but not enough catches. So fringe rb1, but wouldnt be happy about it due to splitting carries so much.
  2. The amount of catches Kamara gets vaults him way over jones especially in full ppr. Look at jones carries all year not enough. Kamara was injured and looked fully healthy at the end where he dominated. I would be dancing in the streets if i get Kamara around pick 8-10 in a full ppr. Jones had a career year and kamara tds will regress to the mean go up. Saints still a great team and last year was weird with brees missing time and kamara h.a.s.
  3. I would not want this dude where he will be drafted. Williams takes too much work and just does get enough carries because of it. 11 carries, 12 carries gamed are the norm with him.Id rather have a true workhorse like fournette (handcuffed), chubb, etc.
  4. Would be interesting to see how he ranks if you include wr, because that is what it comes down to partially. Though this year was kind of an weird year for wrs because of injuries ty, green, mental illness brown, etc.
  5. Especially with WRs being a dime a dozen next with like 35-40 being viable and could easily be top 15 options, I think he has to be a top 15 options.
  6. They just don't have enough weapons for him to keep the defense honest WR wise. Brown is great and his pass to him was amazing in the Titans game. They need to address this, but yeah give me Kyler Murrary 7 rounds later, or Rosen 9 rounds later. I am impressed with lamar, but I think teams are starting to figuring him out.
  7. Yeah in full ppr hes gonna go in the top 36 picks, should he hmm. I am starting to wonder if 2020 is the year things start to fall apart. You would think that that New England would look for SOMEONE to help Brady: Perriman, Ebron, etc.
  8. With hardman, watkins, and Tyreek blowing the top off the offense he is unguardable underneath. If anything these performances are going to make him a top 12 pick in full ppr. I wish he wouldn't be doing this but dude with kittle is in a tier on his own. Plus he is a warrior like Kittle and has done a good job staying healthy.
  9. Should be tbh game looks to be in hand now.
  10. He is unguardable in this offense. With Tyreek, Hardman, Williams, and Watkins to account for.
  11. Agreed look at the playoffs to get a taste of what life will be like with brown this year. Yes those arent terrible afc south def but still. They just dont throw a lot. Id rather have marquise brown 3 rounds later.
  12. Lets be real if chiefs had a choice between the ravens, Patriots, or the titans who barely made the playoffs. We know who they would pick. Titans wont be able to keep up with the cheifs assuming they beat the texans.
  13. Or excited they knocked out 2 of the best afc teams, chiefs SHOULD have an easy route if they make it out of tomorrow.