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  1. Are they early picks? I think Id take the 2 firsts.
  2. In 2018 Trubisky was 17th in yards and 13th in TDs. He did have the 4th most rushing yards but the top 10 scoring team was all due to the defensive. So much great field position wasted.
  3. Id take a dart on shenault but thats about it lmao
  4. Dont be a sheep, think for yourself. Why are people owning him in the "sleeper app"
  5. Besides chase daniel Id say hes had a pretty comfortable career in the NFL. Keeps getting contracts and has virtually no chance of injury.
  6. Did he even play a snap in 2019? Could be a good dart throw in deeper leagues. Id probably take a shot on lazard before ESB tho. They are both gonna be cheap
  7. What about Randy Moss? Didnt he break the WR TD record after transferring to a new team? Brandin Cooks going to LA too. Where did you get your info?
  8. I wouldnt even waste the picks. I think youll be fine without giving up draft capitol.
  9. Zeke / Jacobs. Lock up the RBs and throw darts at WRs later