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  1. Ah, he started in the second half. We’ll count that as half a point.
  2. Is that true? Tenn lost weeks 6, 9, 15, and 16 where tanny played and Henry didn’t play in 16. So that would be 10-3? Damn good. I guess you can’t criticize teams doing well. That’s why I was getting flak for hating on the bears when they went 12-4
  3. I’m talking in general. He hardly had any targets in the regular season and they went 9-7. A few more targets to Henry May open up other receivers. Can’t say anything negative about the performances in the playoffs though. They got through the pats and ravens. If they beat KC and then the NFC team, they probably had the harshest post season schedule ever.
  4. It’s not a complaint about Henry it’s criticism about the QB/coaching staff. Why would it be a bad thing for Henry to get a few more targets a game?
  5. I’d go with Kamara but these two are close. Cook seems to be the bigger injury worry in dynasty than Kamara.
  6. lmao 3 is not alot of targets for 2 games dude. He should be getting more.
  7. Is there any tape of henry from high school? Just mauling little kids. Yup..
  8. Yeah I’d think they need to add a WR. Not much coming into free agency 2020. They could take a shot with AJ Green or amari cooper if he leaves Dallas. I wouldn’t touch Rosen at all though.
  9. There was some talk on Chicago sports radio of bringing in mariota...please no
  10. It’s hard to know if this is a joke prediction base off his last few games.
  11. Predictions against KC? I hope Tenn doesnt go away from Henry if they are down a couple scores early.