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  1. What? Im pretty sure browns have that record locked
  2. O line is trash. Best to use your early picks on TE's and WR's
  3. please please please lose the rest of the games
  4. I love how Nagy calls endless pass plays early but late when hes down its run run run
  5. @pastorofmuppets2 Im really pulling for ya. But i hope the rams score the rest of the 16 points
  6. lmfao has the bears offense gotten ANY better under nagy? or does it keep getting worse?
  7. wow they are really talking up mcvays and his offensive prowess even though his offense has gotten shittier every year hes been head coach
  8. I hope the bears lose the rest of their games cause if they have a winning record, they will extend nagy and pace.
  9. Daily reminder that pace spent a 1st, two 2nds, 3rd and a 4th to get trubisky and miller.
  10. @pastorofmuppets2 Over not looking good. Good rule of thumb is to not trust the bears offense
  11. what was the point of moving everyone on the kickoff? 3 head nagy with a weird move
  12. You think over? Im saying under in this one
  13. Im taking DK in the first next year just for how he tracked baker down and tackled him wtf that was insane
  14. Id consider fuller but his injury history scares me. Id take hill for sure
  15. What was that playcalling on 2nd and 3rd down?