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  1. Can you swap allen for waller? if you could id make the deal
  2. Call me crazy but didnt jamies make it a potent offense? Hed give up 3 TO a game and make it a shoot out every time
  3. He went 8th round in a 10 team best ball recently.
  4. Thats my thought. Use that first on (depending where he picks and who's left) Reek/Hopkins/Julio/Mixon/Sanders/whatever That pairing is better than having just adams. Robinson/Mixon
  5. Theres definitely some brain damage thing going on. For his own sake he should retire.
  6. I think both adams and arob have good chances to see WR1 status, one just has 7!! round difference in price.
  7. Recently went 4.4 in a 10 team best ball when Mack went 10.10. Theres no way i could pick JT that early and if Mack is going around round 10? Sign me up all day.
  8. I like the first one better. I wouldnt want big ben in a dynasty deal.
  9. Goff Newton Barkley Ekeler Tyreek Woods AJ Green Fant Or Goff Mayfield Henry Ekeler Tyreek Thielen Woods/AJ Green Waller I think i like team 2 better. Its hard to get rid of barkley though. I wouldnt blame you for asking for more.
  10. Whats the rest of your team? PPR? Superflex? 2 QB?
  11. This is my thought. Plus with 8 teamers, depth is more plentiful and it looks like OP has a bunch of promising young WRs. I’d be looking to bolster the starting lineup
  12. This one is just redraft which does explain some of my choices. The rookie RBs started falling so I thought I’d just yolo a bunch of them and hope a couple stick. I only need 2 RBs a week and I’m pretty confident in CMC. So it’s just one other dart I really need to hit. I picked the 3rd TE in case of injury but I’m thinking I should have either not picked dissly/mims for another RB dart thanks for the feedback. We should get into a league sometime
  13. Keep MT. He means so much more in an 8 teamer i think.
  14. Went 17th in my 12 team ppr league. Moss and Dillon were 20 and 21 respectively. I dont know if Id buy gibson in redraft but dynasty he seems like a good pick.
  15. Where does Devonta Freeman fit in if hes signed with the Bucs? seems like hes asking for too much money though.
  16. Honestly Id consider the Thomas/Perriman for Julio/Cooper. That looks like a good deal in a 16er
  17. I could have probably gotten by with just Doyle/Kittle. I usually get 3 since I wait on TEs pretty late. The problem is if one goes down you are relying on just 1 TE the whole season. Its gotten me in trouble before. Plus doyle is pretty old.
  18. You need 2 of each since this is best ball. You would get 0 for 2 weeks without a backup. Ive never seen teams come close to winning without an extra K or D.
  19. Yea, I kinda went with guys i like for the year not necessarily picking the boom bust guys. Another rook move. Im hoping to get 2 solid RBs of all the rookie darts I threw. I think McCaffrey will be fine. No return yards for this league.
  20. Nothing else to do, why not a best ball. 10 Team PPR Best Ball Format - QB:WR:WR:RB:RB:FLEX:K:D Snake Draft Pick 1.01 QB: Matt Ryan, Jimmy G, Sam Darnold RB: C.McCaffrey, Marlon Mack, Cam Akers, JK Dobbins, KeShawn Vaughn WR: Julio Jones, Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham, Preston Williams, Sammy Watkins, Denzel Mims TE: George Kittle, Jack Doyle, Will DIssly K: Cheifs/Packers D :Vikings/Seahawk My only complaint is that I went an extra receiver instead of another RB. Probaby could have waited on Kittle and taken a RB there. Otherwise I think its fine if RB can muster up 2 decent players a week.
  21. For them to miss out on all that money? And if the other sports are a go, i dont see why the NFL wouldnt be. I can see maybe half the stadium shut down and no concessions or something