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  1. Not really, by midseason, you’ll see who the top dogs are. Like any redraft team you’ll have the people with the **** picks and the unbeatable team.
  2. I’d take a shot on CEH I think. Can’t blame you for going MT though.
  3. So you still need to whittle down your picks to 4 or 5? I’d say it’s worth the shot if he’ll take it
  4. Keep Parker. I don’t think the point discrepancy between the two will be 6 rounds
  5. I think i would take the 7. See what RBs make it there and then follow it up with another RB
  6. I’d grab CEH. Why not go for the potential home run. If not CEH I’d go Another Rb tho.
  7. Depends on if your team looks good or bad. If you’re going to be top 3 pick I wouldn’t but if your team is good I’d do the deal
  8. I still like going RB/RB pretty much anywhere in the 1st/2nd rounds
  9. A is a great win for you. Id also do B as fuller will get injured eventually and russ should be better than brees
  10. Kamara and AJ Brown are top 2. Id go with Gurley for the 3rd. I dont like him long term but to lock up a lead back on ATL with the 6th round pick is great value
  11. Keep nuk. I dont factor in Byes at all unless its a draftmaster league.
  12. Pats backfield always sucks, why is anyone surprised. james white, Sony Michel, Damien Harris, and now Lamar Miller...
  13. Sounds like my league, best pickup looks to be... Nelson Agholor.
  14. With 3 vets already kept and this being the 4th round pick, I’d keep diggs and AJG. You are looking at 7th round value for players picked in the 4th with all the keepers.
  15. He was basically a receiver last year. With rivers gone and taylor in town im going to pass. Maybe 4th round id take a chance.