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  1. 12 minutes ago, Mustangt125 said:


    Yes and that makes sense.  Ultimately we're still looking at a disease with a 99%+ survival rate.  That's why it's fine for players with young children, or that have their grandma living in or whatever to opt out.  It's their decision and they aren't punished for it, which is fair.


    Ultimately a country of near 350M people will have more positive tests (and more dumb people) than a country the size of Missouri with a population of 60 million.  


    The point stands that France, Spain, England, Germany and Italy all resumed their top flight soccer leagues and did well with it.  And Italy was absolutely crushed early on, yet they were able to manage it.  If I was running the NFL, I'd get guys over there talking to their commissioners right away and jotting down ideas.  


    All things are possible through God, so jot that down, too.

    Pretty sure he’s the reason we’re in this mess in the first place if you believe in that sort of thing. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Mustangt125 said:

    All major soccer leagues in Europe did perfectly well without bubbles.  And they were playing 3/week in order to get all their games done in a scrunched amount of time.  One game per week, with a little player responsibility, should be able to be done.  


    That stat above puts it in good perspective.  3% isn't a lot.  And these are elite athletes that will be just fine even if they do get it.  


    Having said all that, the fear is real and I wouldn't be surprised if the season gets cancelled at some point.  We are already putting things in place for getting money back, how many weeks to count a season, etc.  

    I don’t think people are worried about super athletes dying, they are worried about spreading the virus more. And Europe has generally done better at containing the virus than the US. There are still a ton of people in the US who think there is a global conspiracy and that the virus is a hoax. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, CooL said:


    For all the Debbie Downers and Sky is Falling posters here, what exactly is your point?  If you're convinced that the season is going to be cancelled, then why are you even wasting your time and bandwidth even coming to this site?

    I'm very sad and realistic about the world we live in and believe it's going to be a while before this is over.  I don't believe this virus is a hoax.  I do know that people are dying.  And it's very disheartening because it doesn't look like things will improve any time soon.  But we can at least hope for a season.  And we can talk about strategy and debate about players.  Every single thread seems to have somebody that says "What's the point?  The season will be cancelled".  To those posters, please go away and come back in 2021 if that's how you really feel.

    Just because people think the season will be cancelled doesnt mean they want it to or it also doesnt mean that those people dont like takling about player projections/fantasy in general.


    We get it, you guys wanna live in a bubble and deny any possibility of the season being cancelled. But I think there is a good chance of it not happening. Look at the facts and forget about the feelings

    @DerrickHenrysCleats "being a grown up" Thats ironic



  4. 1 hour ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:


    The longer people talk about canceling the season and the longer it goes without being cancelled the more people will be pissed that they were wrong about the season being cancelled.


    25 minutes ago, Savatage79 said:

    So true 😅

    Its like they want SO bad for the season to cancel but are still so insecure about it they have to repeat themselves over and over  in hopes to convince even their own selves that it will be lol

    Well there is a pandemic so I dont know what world you are living in

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  5. 1 hour ago, Dream On said:


    So in other words, you are saying that two-thirds of the data you are using is at least one year out of date.  Not desirable at all to me.

    I think probably everyone on this forum would say they absolutely smoke projections every single year.  I'm not sure that is even technically possible though.  Now, I'm not calling anyone a liar.  Maybe some people do that.  But I think the reality is probably that everyone guesses better than the projections on some players, and everyone guesses worse than the projections on some players.  And the best players guess right more than the worst.  But the actual success rate probably ranges from about 20% for the worst players, to maybe 70% for the best.  And I bet the average is right there in the 50% range, exactly where one would expect it to be.  I personally don't pay a ton of attention to what projections are out there each year, but I'm sure at least some of them are made by guys who are pretty darn good at fantasy football.

    Like you said, a lot of this talk of beating projections is anecdotal, and I'm sure people tend to remember what they did well, and kind of forget what they did poorly.  That's just human nature.

    Again, what is more likely to give you better draft position rankings?  Finishes over the past 3 years?  Or using an outside source to rate all teams based on the talent they have on their roster today?  Any inaccurate rankings should impact all teams equally - well, probably not, but it's a roll of the dice for all teams so at least it's not like that is inherently unfair to anyone.

    Out of date? its the average of how you did throughout the last 3 years. I think its better projection than expecting an anomaly