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  1. Just because people think the season will be cancelled doesnt mean they want it to or it also doesnt mean that those people dont like takling about player projections/fantasy in general. We get it, you guys wanna live in a bubble and deny any possibility of the season being cancelled. But I think there is a good chance of it not happening. Look at the facts and forget about the feelings @DerrickHenrysCleats "being a grown up" Thats ironic
  2. Well there is a pandemic so I dont know what world you are living in
  3. Looks good to me. Stand pat, you picked these players for a reason.
  4. Out of date? its the average of how you did throughout the last 3 years. I think its better projection than expecting an anomaly
  5. I think Id go lamar jackson over mahomes just for the rushing.
  6. Are those the only decent options? I think id lean mixon.
  7. Oh, I see. Still with a 10 teamer Id want stronger players. Are the benches deep in this league or are there decent wire options?
  8. You only have 3 keepers though so youd keep... CMC/Barkley/Julio Or CEH/Barkley/(One of Julio, Golladay or Evans) Id rather keep CMC.
  9. If you could give jacobs for sanders AND get a better pick id definitely do that.
  10. Easier way to see who's all out i think.
  11. Damien Williams is out too. A bunch more players are out with covid. TIme to shut her down.
  12. Take it to the dms so I can ignore you’re bad opinion there. No one needs to see them.
  13. It would be easy for them to just restart the season though...with all the money at stake they can figure it out. easier to work refunds and such earlier rather than later.
  14. Wow, you’re a shill for these charlatans too? Maybe if you read the comment I responded to, it would make sense. But, you aren’t going to do that so don’t bother responding.
  15. High IQ lmfao. You shouldn’t troll serious threads bud
  16. The longer they wait to cancel the season, the more people will be pissed when they do cancel the season.
  17. Great idea for existing leagues. I suggested taking the past 3 years finishing averages and figuring out a way for tiebreakers.
  18. Candice Owens also comes to mind. What a deluded person.
  19. For dynasty leagues What about rookie draft spots for next year if the season doesn’t happen? Random number generator?
  20. You really think a wr will consistently out score a qb? Just look at the scoring leaders from any year and the top are usually QBs
  21. I assumed you can taxi someone only if they are in their 2nd year? Good question i wasnt sure about either.
  22. Jeez what a loaded team. Jackson/A.Jones/J.Jacobs/M.Thomas/D.Hopkins/Waller/M.Sanders/DJ Chark