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  1. What do y’all think of my team so far?
  2. Josh Allen @DerrickHenrysCleats
  3. Holy eff this hasnt gone like i planned at all I was gunning for Cooks/Diontae Johnson/P.Williams All sniped...
  4. Feck you winky I think he’s gonna do well
  5. Did you mean Julian Edelman? I was hoping ceedee would drop to me.
  6. He dmed me that he wants josh Rosen
  7. Damien Williams @DerrickHenrysCleats
  8. I echo this. Make your own tiers and decide if you can wait a few picks and get an earlier 2nd rounder
  9. Its why im staying away form bills receivers. Hes a good fantasy QB because of rushing but i woudnt want those receivers outside of best ball.
  10. i had some hope with him in Cleveland but hot damn that was bad. I feel like herbert will see starter status earlier rather than later
  11. Did you make a trade for kittle too? **** I was looking at the wrong team lol.
  12. Would AB sign a very team friendly deal? That would be the only way teams take a chance
  13. Darren Waller @1972Miamidolphins OTC
  14. Cant go wrong with either. Barkley is a year younger though
  15. Seems like I get screwed on RBs for every 14+ league I play.
  16. Considering he only played 8 games thats pretty good
  17. I was thinking that he couldnt make it on one of the Best AND worst teams so theres not much optimism.