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  1. And the difference between QB1 and QB10 was smaller than the difference between RB1 and RB10 in 2018. You are comparing apples and oranges when you compare RBS with QBs. Unless you are talking about a superflex spot.
  2. My thought too. If you think ekeler is anywhere close to jacobs in fantasy points, you keep him and use your 2nd round pick on whoever is thrown back. 2nd round isnt great value for jacobs and if the price goes up for keeping players every year, jacobs wouldnt be worth it.
  3. The disparity in fantasy points QBs isnt that great but between RBs it is. Mahomes wasnt even top 5 FPPG last year.
  4. Anyone can leave their picks with me too. Im up for awhile
  5. Just go by the average place over the time of the dynasty league.
  6. I looked at the wrong ADP... Its tough to say what to do without knowing who will be there at 11. Id look at RB though.
  7. Chubb/Cook/Jackson RBs are set and you dont have to worry about QB
  8. Gardner Minshew The Second @DerrickHenrysCleats
  9. Im just really looking for a randy moss type of rookie season. Is that too much to ask?
  10. 49ers used a 1st on this kid and who knows if Deebo is going to be OK by the start of the season. lookin for a home run here
  11. @1972Miamidolphins Went with golden taint? Gimme Jack Doyle @DerrickHenrysCleats OTC
  12. Check out "Grizzly Man". Its a fantastic documentary.
  13. I appreciate the clicky shoutout every once in awhile
  14. Thanks, it looks amazing on paper so far and I doubt I’ll have more than 1 or 2 losses on the season.
  15. What do y’all think of my team so far?