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  1. If you want your team back i can give it to you. Youll have to suck it up and deal with zeke though
  2. Do I need to sign into clicky draft to make the pick?
  3. Do we need DHC to pick or can we just make the obvious choice for him?
  4. For a 27 year old RB with 178 career carries? Let him walk.
  5. Are you just avoiding DJ because of injury? Looks like hes going in the 3rd round which is a decent pick if you go WR early.
  6. I heard rumblings hunt may be used more as a WR. I like him this upcoming year, especially with an injury to chubb (obviously) Although I do agree that Id rather have (in general) lead backs over hunt
  7. Eh, maybe if it was the "Drunken Fighting Irish". Otherwise I dont see a problem with the Irish. I also heard that early natives thought the name redskin was funny/ironic as white people looked more red in the cold. But anyway, I agree to change the name. I can see why people dont like it and its really not that big of a deal to change it. That and they can make a ton of money selling new merch.
  8. 10 Team PPR Best Ball QB - 2RB - 3WR - TE - K - D I ended up autopicking for like 4 of my picks (Sanders, Carson, DJ Moore, J.Richard). Had connection issues which screwed me. I wanted D.Henry instead of sanders and Richard is a waste of a last rounder but oh well. QB: Rodgers, Garoppolo, Lock RB: Sanders, Carson, Mack, Vaughn, Dobbins, J.Richard WR: AJ Brown, B.Cooks, D.Hopkins, DJ Moore, P. WIlliams, S.Watkins TE: Waller, Doyle, D.Knox K: 49ers, Seahawks D : Bears, Vikings
  9. mcLaurin for me. He looked good last year and reagor is an unknown
  10. Not to mention Brieda is on the dolphins too. Id rather have a bellcow on a good team than a RB in a timeshare on a s---y team.
  11. You keep saying worse player but we haven’t seen that yet. Mack didn’t seem like a bust to me but I guess I haven’t watched every game. I picked Taylor 1.02 this year so I have stake there but I feel better about 2021 Taylor than I do 2020
  12. On a season where practice/training camp is cut short? do you hold the same opinion for Ingram?
  13. Dont know how you came up with this without seeing JT play a down. You are basing this off of last years record. I see Mack starting the year as the lead dog and if they are winning games, why risk your star young RB? Lots of what ifs, especially this year, but i don't know why they would phase out mack unless he realy ***** the bed.
  14. You only really have 1 year to compare them against. Evans also had better stats his first 3 years than godwin. I liked both with winston but im not too sure with brady. My guess is that both will produce less.
  15. Do you just completely ignore all the points that go against yours?
  16. Especially if they are winning with mack as the lead back. Why change it? Why beat up your future runningback when the one you wont re sign is doing just fine? Baffling
  17. What? If you are comparing Mack to Tom Brady I think you lost the argument
  18. Its going to be a whole different team with Tom and Gronk gone. Who knows what happens with TE.
  19. QB: Brees, Goff, Roethlisberger RB: A.Jones, C.Carson, T.Gurley, JK.Dobbins, Duke Johnson, AJ Dillon, Darrell Henderson WR: Diontae Johnson, Marvin Jones, J.Raegor, H.Renfrow, K.Stills, T.WIlliams TE: T.Kelce, T.Higbee Not my typical targets and I think youll struggle with WR. Any reason why you went with 3 QBs in a 1 QB league?
  20. Great Team for a 16 teamer. Gotta hope Lock stays upright and eason takes the starting role or youll have a 0 during the bye week