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  1. I’d go with Miller out of these two options.
  2. I’d go with zeke. He’s in a tier to himself after Barkley/cmc imo.
  3. Who knows though. Whenever I hate my team it does well
  4. Not my usual suspects when drafting. I think its OK.
  5. Id go with Barkley but I dont blame you for going Jackson/Mahomes there
  6. I think it looks pretty good. I bet youll have alot of offers for one of your TEs Did you take Kelce first?
  7. I dont really like it tbh. You flubbed on RBs going with 2 rookies as your RB1/2. This is honestly one of those teams where I can see it going 3-11 or 13-1
  8. Nice. I do like this team for the roster settings. I can see playoffs but after that its a crapshoot on who wins.
  9. Not my usual suspects when drafting but i really like the balance of this 12 team. What are the starting positions for this league?
  10. I wouldnt pick CEH over Barkley/Zeke/CMC but id entertain that after those 3
  11. Whats the best thats on the wire at the moment?
  12. I still think its pretty good. As long as fuller stays somewhat healthy.
  13. Where the hell do you have CMC ranked then?
  14. Yeah that looks like a good deal. Julio has a few more years of league domination imo
  15. Its not bad for 16 team league. Is this Dynasty?
  16. Id go with CEH. Williams is out in KC
  17. Best available really. Hard to say who goes where since most adps are very different in the 2nd/3rd rounds.
  18. Really depends who’s left in the first to choose from at 6. There’s nothing wrong with having too many good RBs too. I think I’d do the trade and hope someone good is there at 6. Arob is still a good keeper option.