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  1. Full participant today on track to play Sunday
  2. Thoughts on Lindsay this year? Broncos brought in Melvin Gordon and he will be the lead guy but I still think Lindsay can be a solid flex option or weak end rb2 for owners that decide to punt the rb position.
  3. Hurry sign up and pay right away! We are drafting today at 11AM CST. We need 3 more teams! League is thru Yahoo custom cash leagues. 12 team ppr cash lg contest ID: 62a45fc2
  4. Any update on the A's Covid situation? Chapman has been hitting good but cant afford to have a dead roster spot for a week or more if the situation is serious.
  5. Hit by pitch was it bad? Will he miss games?
  6. No Closer Monkey think Staumont as well
  7. Closer Monkey thinks Staumont for KC
  8. To Hahn’s credit nobody knew Tatis was this good when he traded him away. He was an unknown prospect.
  9. Story 2 bombs on the road in Texas
  10. What do we expect from him? Is he a must add?
  11. Very promising first start for Bundy!
  12. We have 9/10 teams paid for this league. We just need 1 more team to sign up. it is thru Yahoo cash leagues. Yahoo holds the money and pays out winners at end of season. Sign up now and pay ASAP!! If you sign in the league and don't pay within 10 min you will get booted. The draft is today at 2:30PM Central Time... See link below for the league 10 teams H2H points 9 week reg season, No playoffs 1st = $300 Most pts = $200 https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/166642/invitation?key=3bf846a12ab60bb5&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=ee64376ed7d43a33