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  1. Can I see a link to the league? Thank you
  2. Interested, MoundInspector., but can't keep track of available teams.
  3. It's cool man. He got the team he wanted. I'll take the other one. I actually can't join with that second invite either. Must be some browser communication issue with me and the site? SMH
  4. I asked for CHANGE NAME and Dwayne is already the owner. Not joining on a team I don't want. Also, he asked to join first but I was the first response between us. Not arguing, but that's where priority should have been given.
  5. Link to join won't work. Will keep trying. NM, I see you gave it to someone else.
  6. I LOVE the league name! Joining! Will take CHANGE NAME
  7. Can I see a link? Thank you
  8. I see. Lots of rules to your league, so both surprised and sorry to hear you couldn't keep up with the outside world that wanted in.
  9. Read the constitution... team link takes me to a "you cannot access this..." message
  10. I'll take on Cool Runnings. Mike -
  11. What site do you run on, chief? Sorry, I see. Fantrax. Further investigation warrants my disinterest though.
  12. I'm interested. Are both still available?