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  1. Never been a fan. Dont have much confidence in him whatsoever. i have adams, kupp, mclaurin, hardman. if i drop him i would stash herndon to back up kelce. Would i regret just dropping him?
  2. Think i could net a decent receiver for freeman after?
  3. Maybe upgrade your handcuff to jaylen samuels also instead of mattison. Connor is hobbled a little and samuels will be lit if he goes down
  4. I wouldnt drop anybody for him. Unless u need that rb depth now. But if cook goes down mattison will be a way better piece. If your in first i would sit back for a better add
  5. I would absolutley shoot my shot on this. It helps your team to have mike evans. Dissly i feel his price tag will go up. And he will be a great trade piece as the season goes on. But if u can land evans. Thats a sweet deal thanks for help on mine
  6. Im sticking with kj and john brown. Gallman is on a time limit. Atl offense is not looking so great. A rob isnt so bad but trubisky is ehhh i wouldnt do this deal thanks for help on mine
  7. Im in a 10 team ppr league im 4-0 and my squad is doing pretty good of scoring the highest i have lamar jackson melvin gordon chris carson davante adams cooper kupp travis kelce mecole hardman BENCH: terry mclaurin devonta freeman david montgomery will fuller kyler murray malcomn brown owner of bell asked me for mclaurin, montgomery or both. would u send em both in an offer for leveon bell? Hardmans time may be up soon and ill only have davante and kupp but ill have melvin and bell as starters and maybe can sell carson or freeman for a extra WR he doesnt really have anyone else that catches my eye except fournette and michael thomas who will have heavvvvy price tags
  8. Devonta freeman chris carson david montgomery who would u run with this week?? Melvin is very unlikely to play. But hes auto if he does by any chance
  9. Ppr league my gut said hardman last week. And he came thru. Should i ride the wave or throw mclaurin in?? Mclaurin has the giants. Hardman has the lions. Hes outscored mclaurin in the last two weeks. Can he keep it up? My other wr are davante adams and kupp who are my starters
  10. Idk if he will bite on it. But he seemed pretty let down by mixon. 10 team ppr. I have lamar jackson as my qb1 Melvin gordon chris carson devonta freeman david montgomery Are my rbs
  11. Should i throw in a buy low offer with frustrated owner?? Or will he just continue to underperform rest of the season??
  12. Should i start fuller, mclaurin, or hardman as my flex this week. i started hardman last week and it paid off bigtime. Mclaurin wouldnt have been a bad start either. hardman has the ravens. Mclaurin has the bears this week also one other question. I have the chargers defense against houston. Should i drop them for seattle against new orleans??
  13. I guess my real question is. Who is gonna go down first. Gurley or conner
  14. I picked up malcomn brown as the handcuff for gurley. I dont own gurley. Its just a dead spot on my roster. I am pretty hurt at rb. I have carson mg3 david montgomery devonta freeman. Should i scoop jaylen and drop brown?
  15. Fullers targets are definitely a little bit of a concern
  16. I have will fuller, mecole hardman, terry mclaurin, malcom brown, david montgomery the rest of my lineup is pretty set in stone will fuller vs jax mecole hardman @oakland terry mclaurin vs dallas brown vs new orleans montgomery @ denver who would u roll the dice with? Im inclined foe fuller. But have a feeling about hardman abusing the raiders
  17. Makes sense When you put it that way let’s just hope he’s not a breakout player this year ha haWhen you put it that way let’s just hope he’s not a breakout player this year ha ha
  18. Hoping maybe if he takes off i would rather have 4-6 great weeks than wasted wr space with anderson
  19. Im in a 10 team league. Dont have much faith in anderson and darnold. But with tyreek out 4-6 weeks. Maybe i can get some good value on hadman and take A flier on him.. thoughts??? My other receivers are Devante Adams Cooper Kupp will fuller and terey. Mclaurin
  20. What do you think about flat out dropping robby for gio?
  21. I agree withe the guy above. Good deals. And i would go for the gusto and get diggs
  22. Well i got mclaurin and he got hock because he had a higher wavier priority. Now im trying to trade for. Him in hopes he doesnt really actually care for him much yet
  23. This is my team 10 team ppr my squad lamar jackson devonta freeman mg3 (out) david montgomery chris carson davante adams cooper kupp travis kelce bench : robby anderson, will fuller, kyler murray, malcom brown, terry mclaurin i would trade fuller for hockenson as insurance for kelce or a great trade piece later im Also on the cusp of dropping Robby Anderson. For Giovanni Bernard
  24. Who is the best add hands down?? I could take a player as a trade piece also like hockenson