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  1. Brown and d jax hands down. Mclaurin after that
  2. Im on a phone so i cant see your sig. but i would drop baker. And rock with watson and kyler as your backup. Kyler is unknown but you said your all in. So just go wit the faith. Qb is def deep this year. I would rank waller brown ross (who knows about aj) and then chris thompson. Been burned by thompson so im just not a fan of him
  3. 10 team ppr my squad lamar jackson devonta freeman mg3 (out) david montgomery chris carson davante adams cooper kupp travis kelce bench : robby anderson, will fuller, kyler murray, ballage, moncrief WAVIER ADDS: gio bernard, malcom brown, terry mclaurin, john ross, hockenson, dak prescott, m. Hardman i definitley am dropping ballage and moncrief But who would u add and would u drop more??
  4. Should i burn my number 2 wavier on dak and drop kyler?? I also have lamar jackson
  5. His squad mahomes rodgers barkley matt brieda miles sanders Keenan allen chris godwin Allen robinson sammy watkins gallup jarvis landry engram hooper
  6. Who could i offer that would be a win for me but obviously not a lowball?? Im in a 10 team ppr. I def want to land mahomes. My squad Qb: lamar jackson kyler murray Rb: melvin gordon devonta freeman chris carson david montgomery Wr: davante adams cooper kupp robby anderson will fuller TE: travis kelce Bench spots: donte moncrief kalen ballage
  7. I also have moncrief. Worth dropping for any of these guys?? Or should i ride him out with him having the best qb hes ever had and more opportunity in pitt??
  8. Rb’s i have devonta freeman chris carson david montgomery. Mg3 and ballage
  9. Should i drop him in place of rashard higgins? My wr’s arent the strongest. I got davante adams. Cooper kupp and robby anderson. Justice hill and justin jackson are still on the wires too and im a melvin gordon owner 10 team ppr
  10. Kupp @ carolina robby @ home vs buffalo. Make a difference?
  11. Kupp moncrief will fuller or robbby anderson?? Who would you roll with week 1? 10 team ppr
  12. Do i have a drop for devin singletary justice hill or mattison?? 10 team ppr redraft league Also what do u think of this team? my bench: Chris carson robby anderson will fuller Ballage moncrief lamar jackson(kyler murray starter) starters davante adams cooper kupp devonte freeman melvin gordon d montgomery travis kelce
  13. Looks good to me. I would look for a long term rb in case melvin gordon comes back. But maybe ride it out. With him not playing or maybe getting traded possibly. Ekeler is a good security blanket. Thanks for help on mine
  14. Got offered sam darnold for my moncrief. Owner of fitz wants darnold bad. Pull the trigger????
  15. Cohen, ridley or john ross?? ppr
  16. Ppr league Wentz @ NO Trubisky vs min (home) Prescott @ Atl whose the best pick here. I usually run with wentz as the safe floor. But he gives me about 25-30 pts. Last week trubisky dropped 48 and only had one bad game. Prescott is in a potential shootout and cowboys seem to be clicking on offense. Hes been low key stepping up last few weeks
  17. I would keep white. Hes better than dj at this point. And i think he will be ROS easily. Hes in the top 10 for ppr fantasy. Dj isnt near that
  18. Kamara chubb lewis for me. I think mack will be on lock this week Thanks for help on mine
  19. Keep as is. I like cohen alot. But lost some trust because of game script. If they get up early it will be a slow game for him. Hes def high reward tho thanks for help with mine
  20. Nahh not done with cohen. Just burned last game. Lost some trust. He was doing great before tho