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  1. Greg the leg is avail in my league. If he isnt claimed tonight ill grab him. Is he worth a claim tho?? Im hoping ppl are sleeping on the news so i can grab him without a claim
  2. What do you guys think about him in general? TE1? Offense is a mess. I have kittle. Is he a better look than kittle? I have number 4 wavier
  3. Not to change the subject. But if this is the case should i take rodgers and adams for my odell?
  4. You just sealed it. Im hitting accept now. I just needed that push
  5. With their defense so bad. I would expect shootouts. And he has more talent than ever. Decent pass blocking too
  6. Is taking him over jameis winston a no brainer?!
  7. Is his offense better tho?? Bucs offense hasnt been so bad and they have a few weapons. Eagles has started off shaky
  8. Went with bortles. Payed off. Now i got offered wentz for my winston
  9. Wentz ROS outlook?? Anybody have any thoughts??
  10. Not too high on cook this year. And drake is the best player on miami. When they figure that out. He should be better. Miller isnt bad. And brate should be pretty good with howard hurt. I would stay put
  11. Can anybody help me with this?? Will wentz return to his former self last year?? I havent actually seen him in action
  12. Who would you take now? And ROS?? I got offered wentz for winston
  13. Is Ridley a sell high candidate or think he can maintain his value ros?
  14. Keenum has me scared. Ridley is hott. What do you guys think?? Whi are you starting in ppr leagues?
  15. I have winston on bye flacco mariota or bortles this week?
  16. Flacco at @cle or bortles @kc mariota is also available @buff who would u take ur chances with?
  17. I need a qb. I have winston. Whose on bye this week. Who would you grab as backup for the future and this week. I also have mayfield as a bench stash. But dont trust him yet and may possibly drop him
  18. I want to pull the trigger on this but im nervous with rodgers banged u. Im not a fan of obj either and eli sucks
  19. No faith aaron will be able to give us a great arod type season? And win weeks with a solid 30 pts?
  20. How far do you rank davante adams behind obj? I got offered rodgers and adams for him and winston and i am strongly considering even tho is rodgers goes down davante slows down