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  1. I got offered matt breida for my ridley. I have a surpluss of WR’s dont have melvin gordon mixon and chris thompson. I could actually use a backup
  2. Would u worry that if rodgers goes down you lose on on davante too?
  3. Option 1 hands down. Take that. If mixon doesnt return or goes out again. Gio will return rb1 status. Win for you. Mixon will be better than howard by far when he returns
  4. You should trade him. But i would aim higher. Your selling way too low
  5. Option 3. Those other options arent even close. You can do way better for fournette. Breida is the better of the two. Freeman is not even the man to own in denver. And breida is banged up. U can def do better.
  6. I think you got a solid deal. NE will ramp up. And with gronk possibly hurt now. Hell get more looks. And burkhead gone.
  7. I would stay put even tho i like melvin. MT and michel are a better pair hands down. Carson is now in a comittee. Hes done unless one of them get hurt
  8. Doubt he will accept. I wouldnt accept that. I think lindsay is the back to own in denver. You should still try. But i would think u may need to go higher.
  9. I would do it. And move cook to flex or sell cook for a better wr to upgrade baldwin and flex baldwin
  10. Agree with the guy above. Mixon will be a rb1 if he can stay healthy. He will probably Give you more points than Alan but it’s a risk personally I would take that risk and trade Keenan
  11. Nope. I like conner better. Hunt is being starved by the passing game. Conner is eating. As long as bell doesnt come back.
  12. Stay put. Mixon will be up there when he comes back. He will shine.
  13. If aaron goes down does anybody think davante will still produce??
  14. Thats def alot more even. Diggs still the best player in the deal in almost elite territory. I probably still wont do it. Because cook and murray are not producing much at all. Baldwin is shaky. And robinson is a bit promising. He could get it together rest of the season with trubisky. But keep in mind. He got 4 targets on a night trubisky threw for 354 yards and 6 touchdowns!! He is still the number one option there i think tho. If baldwin and allen get going. Then its a good deal for you. It would depend on that for me.
  15. My other concern is that if rodgers goes down. I lose adams too
  16. Not a fan of collins. Hes getting replaced with allen i think. But diggs best player in the trade. Cook is flopping and im not sold this year. And i think the same for baldwin. his situation is good. But im not a believer yet untill i see it. He has 2 bad knees. Diggs side wins imo thanks for help on mine
  17. I wouldnt do this trade if i was the other guy. But if he bites its a win for you. Jones collins and jones jr can be replaced on the wavier pool if you ask me. Conner cant. Thanks for help on mine
  18. Im also scared about obj being held back by eli
  19. Idk why he keeps trying to sell rodgers. Hes desperate to get rid of him. Is there something i dont know here?