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  1. Who do I go with in my half ppr league ? k drake vs Pitt D. Guice at Gb B snell at az B Scarbrough at min
  2. Do I dare start Winston at home vs Indy? He has GREAT wrs...But He also has a real knack for turning the ball over and looks like he’s going to injured anytime he gets hit. He is flat out a liability in a do or die match. Should I go with any of these options over Winston darnold vs Mia Josh Allen vs bal Fitzpatrick @ Jets D Jones @ philly
  3. Austin Hooper Devante Parker Courtland Sutton Dj Chark Kyler Murray Ronald Jones Pittsburg defense
  4. Which one would you guys roll with? engram- arguably the primary receiver on his tram but has a foot injury. hollister- Russell Wilson
  5. Is n’keal Harry worth a look? How did he look? I didn’t see the game but saw he got 4 targets in his first nfl game. He is super talented and Dorset is in the concussion protocol. Think this guy could amount to something in the following weeks
  6. ^^ that’s ridiculous. Ian rapaport is a joke. Bogus claim after bogus claim. So he could be out for just a week or two? Thank god I haven’t dropped this guy yet. He is the number one fantasy tight end and has been my second most reliable player.
  7. Copy that. I’m definitely rolling with cook for now. But since there are such high upside tes still out there I’m trying to double down so that I can be confident I’ll get solid production out of that spot. so which one would you pair with cook? Howard,Goedert, Hollister, Fant, or Engram ?
  8. Noah Fant is also available. He seems to be in line for more looks with sanders gone. Fant is off the charts with his physical attributes but has a questionable qb and a rough schedule coming up
  9. Need to replace hooper i have Jared cook and don’t feel comfortable with him so trying to pick up another te to pair with him O.J. Howard- has all the tools to be great and finally got some productive targets last week but was it just because the cardinals are the worst te def in the league? Dallas Goedert- very talented but is the te2 on his team. Philly seems to be simply be using him as a wr with their wr crew decimated with could be great for for your te spot jacob Hollister- has decent speed and russel Wilson as his qb evan Engram- when is he expected back?
  10. Freeman’s been mediocre all year so it’s not a stretch at all to think that the fresher, younger, and more explosive back could produce more.
  11. I had zero context to be able tell that was a joke. But my bad!
  12. Ha. Good one chief. But that’s just not true. You are clearly an inferior person to me. You get bothered by something someone says in a “bold predictions” thread on the internet. So in reality, you are the donkey.
  13. I‘f they sign him there is an incredible chance he’s of great value for the rest of the season. He would have his byes behind him. He would have a very easy schedule. And he would be on a team that has a very good passing attack and a strong offensive line. That’s a lot of upside.